What is the reason you are sitting on your laurels doing and saying nothing about the terrible situation at the southern border while the cartels and traffickers are bringing so many young minors there? Are you receiving under-the-table compensation from them to keep you from saying or doing anything in Congress to stand up for Americans and the Constitution as well as the unfortunate migrants living under the Biden illusion that they are welcome to America?

Your lack of moral clarity to act or speak up against the lack of moral clarity of the Biden administration will hurt you, the other Democrats in Congress, the Democrats who have incorrectly voted for you and the good American people who deserve better from the federal government.

Supporting the horrendous living conditions in the warehouse settings where sanitary situations are questionable, susceptibility to sexual abuse is likely, and an upsurge of COVID-19 is occurring certainly demonstrates your blindness and lack of concern for the suffering humanity at the border. Oh, the bizarre plan to fly migrants to Canada to put the burden on the Canadian government certainly demonstrates an irresponsible approach by the American government decision makers.

The American people expect better from all of you in Congress and in the administration as do the migrants who have been bamboozled by this administration.

Bernard Ames

San Carlos

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Terence Y

Great letter, Mr. Ames. The border debacle is on all the people who allowed Biden to steal the election. Unfortunately, even though the American people expect better from Congress and the brain-dead Biden administration, I can’t see America getting better from any of them as long as Democrats are in charge.

Ray Fowler


Thanks for taking the time to write a letter to the editor about the crisis at the border and other important issues being mangled by the current administration. I agree... it appears the Democratic Party leadership is not fully engaged in solving the crisis at the border of their own making. However, I don't believe it is a matter of under the table compensation. No, the benefit to the Democratic Party of creating chaos at the border materializes in another form. They see this surge of migration as a way to pad voter registration rolls with more persons who will ultimately support the Democratic Party.

Now, it goes without saying that Republicans reject the current open border situation. What's amazing is that rank and file Democrats also reject the chaos. Most Americans support immigration but not the free for all described in your LTE that we are seeing today. Yet, the Democratic Party refuses to call it a crisis. The second highest Democratic Party leader has been appointed to oversee the border surge... that was two weeks ago... that leader is a no show... at the border and with the press.

Remember, this is the same Democratic Party leadership that would not condemn riots, destruction and death in our cities less than a year ago. More chaos ignored. Chaos described by the MSM as "largely peaceful protests." And the reason for not addressing the situation last summer was the same... the party leadership did not want to alienate persons in those communities and discourage them from voting for Democratic Party candidates.

Then, there's the Democratic Party leadership's failure to address the teachers' unions stranglehold on keeping schools closed. That failure is having a devastating effect on our kids' education and their general well being. The party's silence on that situation will keep union campaign contributions flowing to Democratic Party candidates.

I don't know what will happen in the upcoming midterm elections, but if the Democratic Party loses its majority in the House or it loses Senate seats, the reason for such losses may be a result of the chaos created at the border.


Ray, I heard Chris Conway has offered to help the POTUS take care of business at hand down by the boarder.

Ray Fowler

Not sure how he can help, but if the point is that POTUS needs all the help he can get... I agree.

Here is Chris' website https://www.chrisconway.org/ So, what is it you think he will be doing?


haha, nice, but wrong conwat = https://www.chrisconway.org/

Dirk van Ulden

What do you expect from the same people who keep on spreading the big lie about voter suppression in Georgia. The Left has gone off the rails and stumbles on with Biden as the lead.


What is good for the goose is good for the gander. A reply I would expect from people that believe the big lie that the election was stolen with rigged voting machines, suitcases full of ballots arriving at 3 AM at the polling centers, etc. The same people that still send money to the conman-in-chief so he can continue to feed them more lies, (Jan. 6th was a love fest hugging the police, not a riot), and skim most of the donations off the top to pocket for himself.

Ray Fowler

Sorry, Tafhdyd. We agree on a lot of stuff... not today.

Is there chaos at the border that is not being addressed by the current administration? I don't know... maybe we can ask the VP. Did the Democratic Party skip over violence in our cities last summer? I don't know... maybe we can hit the replay button on the party's convention and see how the party failed to address those riots. Has the party come out against progressive teacher union demands and union stall tactics for reopening the schools? I don't know... maybe science teachers have been muzzled because the "science" says open the schools. Let's not forget, those teachers got their paychecks like clockwork as grocery store workers and other service workers dealt with the public and did not hold the nation hostage for their own purposes.

What is currently happening at the border, what happened in our cities last summer and what's not happening in our schools has nothing to do with chants from the "Stop the Steal" crowd. The election is over. The question is how much longer will the current administration ignore the border crisis, continue to embrace a progressive agenda that is divisive and pander to teachers who don't want to teach?

Rehashing the election and referencing right wing thugs who represent only themselves is not an answer. The LTE asks why the Democratic Party leadership continues to dodge the border crisis and other issues... if the answer is not to keep the party's vocal element happy and draw in more voters with promises that cost American tax dollars plus a peace of mind... then what is the answer?

Unlike the Democratic Party's silence re: riots last summer, the Republican Party leadership condemned the right wing mob's Jan. 6 riot immediately. Some of that condemnation was aimed squarely at the former president's remarks on the Ellipse. Will we see the Democratic Party leadership weigh in on Joe's false remarks concerning Georgia's new voting laws? They've got plenty of time... they're not dealing with the crisis at the border.



I have too many irons in the fire this week for long discussions but I do have to make a couple of comments. I think we have agreed on the teachers unions before. I don’t think the teachers are the problem as much as the leadership, but my memory may be wrong.

As for the LTE, I think it is just as easy to swap Republicans for Democrats and have basically the same thing, at least IMO. I almost spit out my coffee when I read the line about lack of moral clarity. I have to guess that Mr. Ames may be the person I heard about on the news a while back that came out of a coma after nine years. He obviously missed the last five years.

The Republican leadership condemning the riot immediately…you mean until they were safely home and then could change their story. Pence came within minutes of dying and then said that Trump wasn’t out of line enough to call the 25th amendment. McConnell ripped Trump up one side and down the other and voted to acquit him and a week later said he would support him again in 2024. That leadership? Or do you mean the upcoming stars of the Republicans like Josh Hawley or MTG?

Lastly, what is the big deal about Biden having a false claim about Georgia voting laws? For five years fact checkers worked 25 hours a day to keep up with the liar-in-chief and the right said it was fake news and the liberal media out to get Trump. The same fact checkers say Biden’s claims are false and the right is all over it like stink on $##).

Ray Fowler

Hey, buddy

I am trying to strip away statements re: things like "moral clarity" from the issues at the core of the LTE. Here they are... the current administration created a crisis at the border but is not stepping up to deal with it. Teachers... yes, still a noble profession... but the rank and file is now going along with the politicization of reopening the schools. It's not just the union leadership. Again, the administration is not stepping up to deal with it. So, you believe Republican leadership condemned the Jan. 6 riot only after they were safe at home... OK. If that is the context, when were Democrats EVER at risk during the summer riots? And they still have not stepped up to condemn the death and destruction of last summer.

MTG? Not good. But before we get too far on that topic... check out Odessa Kelly. So, we can probably take orange hair and stumbling up Air Force One's ramp out of the equation... and that leaves us with... when will the Democratic Party leadership step up?


Dirk van Ulden

Taffy - your problem is that you keep on arguing about the past that cannot be changed. We are now faced with new challenges. When our President is lying through his teeth, mostly because he chooses not to get current information, I wonder what else he is misinterpreting. Biden turned over the crisis management at the border to his cackling sidekick as if she knows anything. He is one scary dude. No wonder the House wants to keep his finger off the nuclear button.



Your problem is you live in a different reality. You mentioned the the big lie about voter suppression and I replied to that. In case you think my comment is bringing up the past, your group of Trumpers are still pushing the rigged and stolen election. It is current news not in the past. Relating to the lying through his teeth comment, don't miss my last paragraph to Ray at 3:58.

Terence Y

So Taffy, let me get this straight… you’re the one who fervently believes in some Republican to Democrat party switcheroo hoax and you’re accusing someone else of living in a different reality? Now that’s rich.

Ray Fowler


Trump did exaggerate, misdirect and fabricate... no question. It's a cliche now but in 2016, a columnist for "The Atlantic," Salena Zito, described Democrats as taking Trump literally not figuratively... and Republicans taking him figuratively but not literally. Trump was going to build the wall... so, if he did not literally build a wall from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico... he's a liar! But conservatives see Trump's statement about the wall in a figurative sense. They don't expect an actual wall to be built, but they did expect Trump to start dealing with immigration issues and the border after Democrat and Republican administrators failed to move the needle for decades on meaningful immigration reform. He did. But that is now in the past...

The issue now... today... is the disconnect between what is coming out of the Oval Office and reality. The Washington Post issued four pinocchios to President Biden re: his false statements about changes Georgia's voting laws. I don't want to cavalierly toss around the L-word, but when a liberal media source owned by Jeff Bezos calls you out for being untruthful... what else would you call it?



The horse moved a little bit so I will beat it till it dies. Yes Biden lied about Georgia. I said that and my point was not about the lies from both sides, it was about the hypocrisy of the right. Bezos said Trump lied and the right said it was a witch hunt, he is out to get Trump, liberal media etc. etc. . Bezos said Biden lied and the right was there with yes he sure did. Same fact checker, same facts, different results. You can’t have it both ways.

Figuratively and literally. Same problem. People that know Trump from inside the organization (speaking off the record to protect themselves from Trump’s vindictive nature) have said if he said it, he means it. The right won’t admit to themselves that they have been duped and that he lied so they try the “he didn’t mean it that way” excuse, except if what he said works the way they like it. Then they say “he said he would do xyz and he did”, what did you expect. You can’t have it both ways. He wanted a wall and if he could it would be from Hawaii to the Azores, not just on the Mexican border. Words have meaning. That’s why there was a riot Jan. 6th.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Your logic and rationale derived from it are excellent examples of why I respect you. In that context, let me ask you to think about this; while it is true words have meaning, narrative has purpose. Let me know if I need to expound.


Good evening Wilfred,

Just like Ray you come up with serious thoughts and words of wisdom. My comment would be that words give the narrative its purpose. A good choice of words makes for a better narrative. I will say that my words or narratives are good or bad depending on how the day is going. I am sure you have picked up on that depending on the subject and the person I may be replying to. If I am not in tune with your thoughts feel free to set me on the right track.

Don’t forget it is 5 o’clock somewhere.😁

Ray Fowler

Hello, Dirk

I'd really like to hear the keyboard warriors respond to the Democratic Party fiasco in Georgia.

Let's see... more than 70% of Americans favor a voter ID, so when you factor out the "I don't know" and "I don't care" folks, that means less that a one-quarter oppose voter IDs. Of course, the Georgia legislation is... wait for it... racist. That's why it makes good sense for MLB to move the All-Star game from Georgia, a state where nearly one-third of the total population is comprised of African-Americans, to Colorado. A state with 4% African-Americans... and... a voter ID requirement.

Dirk van Ulden

Isn't it ironic that Stacey Abrams has to take her own medicine now that the MLB has decided to move to Denver? She is actually protesting that decision. Her folly has unintended consequences. A real chuckle, if it weren't so unnecessarily sad for Atlanta's economy.

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