It’s time for us to show the world what American exceptionalism really means.

Sure, we have figured out how to send people to the moon; build the internet; and invent miracle drugs but it’s time to demonstrate true exceptionalism by demonstrating our ability to build a country where everyone, independent of their race, ethnicity or culture, will get treated the same under our laws and national policies.

It’s important for the world to know this can be done – and we are the ones to do it.

Garey Johnson

Redwood City

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Wilfred Fernandez Jr

My life has been blessed by rich diversity. Let me assure you that overwhelming empirical evidence proves to me that skin color, native language, formal education and pedigree are not obstacles to be overcome. However, the perpetrators of victimhood and the soft bigotry of low expectations are definitely a problem in modern America. The thoughtfulness you expressed are a valued Americanism. Thanks for making the time to share it.


Hello Wilfred,

Good to see you on the comments today. Before I get to the important stuff I just want to say that I am missing something in this conversation today. I didn't see anything in Mark's comment that referred to Ray, nor anything in Ray's first comment that was anything but good words about Garey. Thus my confusion in my comment below. If there is some history of Mark I will admit I don't know much about it.

A few weeks back I mentioned Brother's Bond Bourbon and I found it locally at Total Wine & Sprits. I like it and would say that it is smooth like Double Oak but a bit on the lighter side. I think it may be available in Alaska through Republic National Distributing Company, RNDC. If you are interested you may give them a call and see what the availability is. The name comes from two actor friends that are known as the Salvatore Bros on a show called Vampire Diaries. I have never seen it so I can't offer any help there. There web page says they give a portion of the profits back to sustainable farming. Have a good evening and weekend.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Hello Tafhdyd,

We are back from our camping trip in Seward. A cursory look for the spirits you recommend indicate it is not available locally. But I will ask for it during my next trip to the liquor store. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I look forward to trying it. You made a good sales pitch for me.[smile] We had a great trip and I hope you had a nice weekend.


Hello Wilfred,

I guess I could say it has been a good weekend. So far nothing went wrong so I guess that qualifies. The website for the bourbon says they hope to have wide distribution by September so a call to the distributor, RNDC, may have an update for you.

I am getting closer to sending you an email so maybe in a couple of weeks you will hear from me off the DJ pages. Take care.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Thanks for the RNDC update. I'll follow up with them. No worries on the private email. I understand.


Good letter. As for some of the comments, you can alway count on hearing from bigots when the topic is about promoting fairness. News flash: we all face challenges. But some of us face far greater challenges than us. Helping first those challenged most seems like a good idea to me.

Ray Fowler


Please explain what you find to be bigoted about my comments.



I am not sure what came across on your end but I thought Mark was clear as could be about who he was talking about. Maybe it got formatted under the wrong comment. I knew, at least I think I knew, he was talking about our resident naysayer and negative Nelly that only praises his great corrupt leader. Maybe Mark will chime in and let us know so there is no misunderstanding.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Hello Tahdyd,

I suspect Ray is not mistaken. Like most bigots, Mark is unaware of his own ignorance.

Ray Fowler


You are very perceptive, and you may be correct... Mark may be taking exception to Terence's comments. But Mark did say to Garey, the LTE writer, "... you can always count on hearing from bigots when the topic is about promoting fairness." Mark's choice of the word "bigots" could mean he is painting everyone else who responded to Garey's letter this morning with that pejorative. That's why I asked him how he interprets my comments as bigoted.

You wrote, "Maybe Mark will chime in and let us know so there is no misunderstanding." Maybe. Well, unless we hear some chiming ol' pardner... I reckon I'm gonna have to go with Wilfredo on this one.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Garey

Thanks for sharing your optimism; it is inspiring.

Whatever our problems, we have the means to fix them in a document penned more than 220 years ago... the Constitution. If both sides of the political aisle step up to do some heavy lifting, things can get better.

Have a great weekend.

Terence Y

Actually, Garey, I was under the impression our laws and national policies applied to everyone. Oh wait! We have an unenforced border due to Democrats – not fair to Americans. We used to have a handgun ban restricting firearm purchases to adults under 21 – not fair to those under 21. We have idiotic mask mandates in some states, but not others – not fair to everyone. We have Democrats trying to give billions to black farmers in the name of supposed racial justice – not fair to other farmers of other races. Okay, I agree we should be treated the same under our laws and national policies. We are the ones to do it. Unfortunately, there will always be aggrieved parties who will never be satisfied.

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