The House is now making sausage with $3.5 trillion. There are so many ingredients necessary to solve the problems that seem to have multiplied while we’ve been dealing with COVID-19.

Climate change is one of these and we need policies that will keep our climate from making life unlivable for our children and grandchildren. No matter how much we recycle, compost or electrify everything, if we don’t stop emitting carbon dioxide that is warming our Earth’s surface, none of that will matter.

The most effective program according to economists and scientists is to have industries that emit carbon dioxide pay a fee for polluting and warming our planet. While this will trickle down quickly to consumers in the form of increased fuel costs, if those fees are returned in the form of dividend checks to all households, lower and middle income families will actually end up with money in their pockets to weather the transition to renewables.

For those who can’t afford solar panels and electric cars, receiving a dividend check from those who are polluting and warming our planet is the right thing to do and will not only remedy climate change itself, but also the inequities of climate change. Studies show that we can reach net zero emissions by 2050 if we do this. It is the most powerful solution we have. Please contact Rep. Speier’s office and insist that she make sure that HR 2307 is included in the sausage recipe for the reconciliation package.

Ellyn Dooley

San Carlos

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Terence Y

Ms. Dooley – thank you for your letter. And also for acknowledging that people will see increased costs and that wealth transfer is required to support this so-called climate thing. However, you do seem to be avoiding the discussion regarding China and India and other developing nations who will continue to pollute as much as they want. Over two billion against the hoped for efforts of 330 million (actually much less). If this climate change thing were so important, why are costs being foisted on taxpayers? Let private enterprise do their thing.

Dirk van Ulden

Ms Dooley - how do you suggest making sure that the refunds are actually ending up in the low emission technologies? Set up another organization like the EDD and hope for the best? The scam artists are already lining up. Come on, this is another green deal boondoggle and you know it! Please quote the names of reputable economists who supports this but I will not hold my breath as there aren't any. This bill will not and cannot contribute an ounce to carbon mitigation efforts.


We had a major drought in the 1930s and it had nothing to do with climate change. This cycle has repeat itself over the millennium. The earth is always undergoing climate change due the Sun's effects on the earth's cloud cover. Geological records sync with changes on the sun. Private markets will replace fossil fuels when alternative energy is developed that's less costly.

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