Being a junior boy in high school, it is not easy to talk about abortion. The most emotional and convincing perspectives often come from women, and rightfully so. If men have the fundamental right to govern their bodies without the impediment of legislation, women should have that right as well.

Recent laws passed in Alabama and Missouri are as undemocratic as they are prejudiced and unjust. They are part of an attempt to overturn the precedent set by Roe v. Wade, which was decided by an overwhelming 7-2 majority in 1972. The government should use its power to protect the freedoms and liberties of individuals by enforcing the Supreme Court’s decision, not nullifying it.

Ultimately, the law should never dictate and limit how people, men or women, treat their own bodies. When seen through the lens of democracy rather than ideology, abortion should not be a political issue, but one of personal conscience.

David Feng


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Instead, boys should have legal protection against circumcision, - a totally un-necessary, religion-based procedure that often is risky, and at times deadly, and difficult to reverse once the mutilated boy grows up and realizes what was done against his own best interest and sanctioned by parents who should have known better.

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