Excuse me, but did I just read a whole column on your pages discussing the new abortion bans but without a single mention of the women whose lives will be affected by these extreme measures?

Columnist Matt Grocott (“Sweet Home Alabama,” in the Tuesday, May 21, edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal) has a lot to say about the evolving science around embryology and hints of his own “personal experience” that leads him to be in favor of state regulation of women’s reproduction. His photo would indicate that he is male so it’s a good bet that he has never been pregnant or given birth. Therefore, I would suggest that Mr. Grocott listen to the voices of American women who are saying loud and clear that the government should mind its own business and let women and doctors make the private decisions that are best for their own health and their own families.

Extremist legislators can try all they like to erase women from the equation and writers like Mr. Grocott can erase them from their columns, but women are not going to cede control of their autonomy to the state and are certainly not willingly going back to the dark days of criminalized abortion.

Adella Harris

San Mateo

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Seems to me that women who get pregnant have already ceded "control of their autonomy" to someone else. Maybe not the state but then, which one of us is allowed autonomy from the state anyway?


"Your child" what "a sensitive, intelligent statement"
as if pregnancy is only the fault of the woman.

Christopher Conway

As someone who is pro life, I believe enough in the separation of church and state to not push my beliefs on someone else. With that being said, I also do not want our tax dollars going to fund this act of killing an innocent.
Let's make a deal, I won't get in your way of aborting your child if you stay out of taxpayers wallets to pay for aborting your child.


More of the same from "the great voice of the majority."

Christopher Conway

Your welcome - you are being way to kind with your appreciation of everything I do and say. If you would like my autograph I would be happy to give you one.

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