Mueller, Mueller, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, etc., etc. Now, impeachment while Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine and China “innocuous” intrigues linger ever so undamagingly as major media minds report … nothing to see here folks.

Hmm? Seems democrats, in collaboration with loyal media sycophants, are immeasurably indistinguishable from Wile E. Coyote of the “Roadrunner” cartoon series. Democrats have ordered another package from Acme Corp. The latest Acme package arrival labeled “impeachment” is deemed another sure-fire attempt to thwart Donald Trump (The Roadrunner).

Will it, like the previous Acme orders, blow up in their collective faces? Recent history appears to suggest such; much like former U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s deployment of an earlier Acme Corp. order stamped “nuclear option” to approve judicial appointees. Beep beep.

Tony Favero


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Christopher Conway

Can't wait for the anvil to drop from the sky and smash Adam Schiff.


Is that a Haiku?

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