Recently, I read that residents within the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s purview had until Feb. 6 to comment on the ridiculous proposal to entirely ban the use of gas appliances within the next five to six years. So, although late, here are my thoughts on this subject.

Victor Carboni

Victor Carboni

Often, government officials, as those in the management district, have little or no connection to reality and therefore shouldn’t be making command decisions affecting so many lives. Looking at the average salaries, perks, pensions and the backgrounds of those in the district’s decision-making positions, they are entirely out of touch with the financial resources available to average district households. Consequently, they should not be forcing individuals to replace gas-powered appliances with all-electric ones.

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Thank you very much for your letter. The left seeks to scare people with unsupported claims of “catastrophic climate change” to justify's California’s dysfunction energy policy. It is sheer lunacy to make homes and businesses dependent on a single source of power from California's woefully inadequate power grid. And even if you thought it was a good idea, retro-fitting homes is the most costly way to achieve it.

Dirk van Ulden

Before my retirement from the UC system, I was working with Air Resources Board staff on a project. They wanted to develop a formula for CO2 emissions associated with cogeneration facilities. Cogeneration is a highly efficient system that generally uses natural gas to produce steam for turbines and the resulting heat is used for other thermal purposes. While this group was very intelligent, they had advanced degrees in various disciplines, we could never come to an agreement on how to model such emissions. I finally took them to one of UC's cogeneration sites and had them talk with the system operators. It blew their minds when they had to face the intricacies of operating complex systems and we never heard from them again. I shudder to think what the outcome was of their report. Regulatory agencies seldom have a grip on reality and often impose unsubstantiated rules on the population. The BAAQM is no exception.

Terence Y

Mr. Carboni, thank you for your letter describing many reasons why banning gas is ridiculous. I’d add that these government officials (in addition to all of those pushing for all-electrification) haven’t addressed (or are afraid to, since it’ll destroy their narrative) where all their magic electricity is going to come from, if not natural gas power plants which have been providing over 50% of California’s electrical needs for at least the past 20 years, as California Energy Commission’s website shows. And likely more, should one decide to research further back. Looking forward to more of your letters… perhaps even on the technology you’ve been involved in, assuming it’s not confidential.

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