While we always appreciate and welcome a new point of view, and have even endorsed an outsider candidate for the District 3 seat on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, Don Horsley has proven to be a strong leader in the position for the last eight years and deserves another four.

Challenger Dan Stegink provides some interesting perspective and actually makes a lot of sense when he calls the alarm on pension obligations and housing. Local governments’ rising pension obligations, if not managed well starting right now, have the capacity to disable their ability to provide core services if there is an economic downturn. Housing is an issue of which we are all aware, and Stegink’s belief that there should be expedited planning processes for new units is a belief held by many. Both are appropriate to provide more focus.

However, Horsley has been in the mix for the past eight years on both fronts. While we would like to see the county be even more aggressive with paying down potential future costs, there has been a focus on it and marked progress has been made. With housing, Horsley led the charge on the 2016 continuation of the Measure A half-cent sales tax, now renamed Measure K, which aims to provide millions toward new housing and create new opportunities for affordable homes. While many would have liked to see the focus begin earlier in the crisis, it is well known that the jobs-housing imbalance became skewed rapidly and without prior warning. As far as government action, the movement toward earmarking a significant portion of a local sales tax for affordable housing came relatively promptly.

Horsley is also well-versed in the divergent communities that make up his district both on the Bayside and the coast. District 3 has unique environments but also faces similar challenges. Horsley has proven to be adept at bridging the two communities while also serving as a representative and liaison to government for several unincorporated communities.

New perspective is always appreciated and Stegink should remain at the table, but there is not a lot of daylight between his ideas and the work county officials are already doing. Horsley is at the forefront of that and, while there is always more that can be done, there is plenty of work being done right now.

Horsley has proven to be responsive and responsible while adept at navigating the needs of various constituents while producing results both great and small.

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Morgan Stogner

I am still a bit confused as to the endorsement process here. Horsley was at the front of the Measure K tax. He was also at the front of going against Congresswomen's advice and appointing a Sheriff. Are there any specific things that Horsley is or can do that Dan Stegink would be unable? It sounds like a bunch of very general statements. Does the Daily Journal believe Dan Stegink would be unable to bridge the two communities of District 3 or is that something only Don Horsley is capable of?

Michael Stogner

Supervisor Don Horsley in action, Removing a Whistleblower Presentation from the agenda. The presentation was prepared by Dave Pine and County Managers office. Mr. Horsley didn't want the public to hear this report. WHY?


I agree with your endorsment on of Supervisor Horsley. He has done a great jog and am so used to the negitive comments on this section that I discount them immediately.

Michael Stogner

"Horsley is at the forefront" It should say Horsley was at the forefront of the Illegal Violent Coup July 12, 2018 which gave Carlos Bolanos a $600,000 advantage over Sheriff Candidate Mark Melville. It also assured Don Horsley that his son would remain employed by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, What any good parent would do.


Unfortunately I do not reside in District 3. If I did I would vote for Dave Stegink. It's time to get the good oil' boys out. Vote for Dave Stegink!


Horsley gave us an appointed Sheriff, that was caught and detained by the F.B.I.
Dr. Kennedy’s report from a grant given by the United States Department of Justice.
The title of the report ---
Page 9--column --4 --talks about the undersheriff --that is Carlos G. Bolanos.
Here is the link shame on SMDJ for endorsing Horsley for Supervisor.

Concerned Voter

So, essentially what this "endorsement" is saying is that Stegink's goals aren't too different from what the county needs and some of his ideas are even progressive mechanisms to get the work done that make sense, but, instead you're going to support Horsley in letting things be the same for yet another term?


Dan Stegink for District 3 Supervisor.

Michael Stogner

I agree with District 3 Supervisor Candidate Dan Stegink.
"Even if Mr Bolanos wins, he is unlikely to complete his term."

Michael Stogner

Residents take back your County Vote for Dan Stegink Supervisor District 3.


Dan Stegink for District 3 Supervisor.


Absolutely NOT! Horsley cast the deciding vote for Bolanos appointment. Vote for Dan Stegink


Dan Stegink for District 3 Supervisor.

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