Who knows what will happen tomorrow on Super Tuesday with so many states in play and still so many players. But let’s have some fun with trying to guess who might be in the next cabinet if Biden, Sanders or Bloomberg manages to defeat Trump and become president (Disclaimer: I wrote this column before Thomas Friedman’s column in The New York Times, Feb. 26 but we pretty much agree).

Let’s conjure a Sanders Cabinet. For starters he probably might pick Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. If he wants to make peace with the moderates he might pick Joe Biden as secretary of state even though they have different views on foreign policy. Julian Castro could become head of Homeland Security (read immigration). And he might put Tom Steyer or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in charge of climate change, a new cabinet position. He will definitely want to have a cabinet of Bernie loyalists. Maybe that means posts for Ro Khanna, congressman from Silicon Valley, who is his campaign chair or for several of his longtime staff.

Biden would need a woman vice president and he might reach out to Amy Klobuchar. Forget Kamala Harris. He doesn’t need California and someone with Midwest credentials would be more helpful. And Harris did stab him in the back during their first debate even though she was supposedly a close friend of the family and his deceased son Beau. He could pick any of the other moderates running for president. Pete Buttigieg as commerce secretary or head of Veterans Affairs. Corey Booker as secretary of education. Andrew Yang as technology czar; and Steyer as head of climate change.

It’s harder to figure out whom Bloomberg would want in his Cabinet. He also might pick Klobuchar as vice president. She’s younger and a Midwesterner. Or he could make her attorney general. He has the support of many mayors across the country and a few could end up in his Cabinet. Even though Warren has been a fierce opponent she is smart and could find herself in a Bloomberg Cabinet if he doesn’t hold grudges but that would be a long shot. But he is not beholden to anyone and he has a wide reach of contacts of competent people across the country whom he could consider for Cabinet posts. Because of his independence, the only litmus test might be excellence and the ability to do the job at the highest level. But he’s smart enough to know he has to bring the country together and he will need a skillful team to accomplish that: Democrat, Republican, independent, progressive, white, black, Latino, Asian.


What will Trump do if he loses? Will he go quietly? Will be accept the decision of the Electoral College? Will he challenge the vote? Will he use violence to do so?

Will he call out the military to protect him from ouster? What protections are in place to make sure the vote count at each polling place is secure? Will there be election monitors at most polling places as there are in countries under suspicion of election fraud?


Here’s my take after last week’s debate in South Carolina. Biden did much better and by this edition we will know how well he did in South Carolina. But he has not had the time or resources to compete in Super Tuesday states and will not do well in California with competition from Sanders, Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Klobuchar. Although he has always been my favorite and would be an excellent president, he’s too nice (to quote him “I am the only gentleman on the stage”) to get in the dirt with Trump. Remember another gentleman on the Republican stage, Jeb Bush? And he just doesn’t seem to have the organization to rival Sanders or Trump.

Sue Lempert

Bloomberg has the resources and the ruthlessness to take on Trump and beat him. But if Sanders has the most delegates going into the convention, there is no way a progressive, liberal leaning group of delegates is going to select Bloomberg. However, the super delegates will have their say on the second ballot and that could make a difference but it would be very dicey. The only way to stop Sanders from getting the nomination is for the field of moderates to shrink. Why is Steyer still in the race? And after Super Tuesday the same question will apply to Klobuchar and Mayor Pete, the youngest and on the debate stage the most intelligent and nimble next to Sanders. She has a great chance to be vice president and for sure Mayor Pete will end up in the Cabinet if a Democrat becomes president.

Sue Lempert is the former mayor of San Mateo. Her column runs every Monday. She can be reached at sue@smdailyjournal.com.

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Started this listing when there were too many running and continued to refine it as the field whittled down. This is my most current list and addresses tRump’s promise to drain the swamp…

We can not win without the moderates — or the moderates without the progressives

Amy Klobuchar to be vice president

Mike Bloomberg (Tom Steyer or Bernie Sanders) to be secretary of the Treasury.

Joe Biden to be secretary of state

Elizabeth Warren to serve as health and human services secretary.

Kamala Harris for attorney general

Mayor Pete as homeland security secretary

Tom Steyer to head a new cabinet position: secretary of national infrastructure

Cory Booker to be secretary of housing and urban development

Mitt Romney to be commerce secretary

Andrew Yang to be energy secretary

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to serve as our U.N. ambassador

Michael Bennet to be secretary of education

Ro Khanna would be an ideal secretary of labor

William H. McRaven to be my defense secretary


Chris: Perhaps you know the American people better than me (not I, watch your grammar!), but if that’s the case, you must have a very low regard for your fellow voters, as well as no respect for the Presidential office! Do you really mean that a liar like Trump, so uneducated, unqualified and inept that he can’t select and keep capable people to head up the various governmental departments, someone who knows so little and who understands even less, a laughingstock around the world with zero respect, - he is good enough for the US Presidency? On top of that, someone so childish that he cooks up derogatory names for his adversaries and keeps making fun of those shorter than him, someone who picks a fight and loses big time against a 17-year old Swedish environmentalist who speaks better English than himself, - that would be good enough for the WH? Even with the usual Republican tricks, voter suppression and invited foreign meddling, Trump lost the majority vote in 2016 by millions and only made it thanks to the outdated Electoral College. For the sake of the country, the steadily increasing majority of us hope you are wrong!

Christopher Conway

Uneducated? I would put his education up against yours any day of the week. All the comments you make are subjective and vary depending on whom you talk to. As far as punching back, he isn't giving any worse than he is taking and the left is for the first time being punched back. Has not the left and the press been absolutely despicable to him in their name calling since his run for the presidency? I am doing better in a Trump America and a steadily increasing majority are as well.


As usual, you have no idea what you are talking about, Chris! Trump couldn’t dream about my education, no matter how much his daddy might be willing to pay for it. Have you never watched Trump on TV, trying to speak? Compare that to the much better educated President Obama’s oratorical skills! I rest my case.

Christopher Conway

Sue, what will you do when you are proven wrong once again in November. Just like the hype with Mayor Pete, it will all come crashing down and Trump will be reelected. I guess Democrats will be left just wishing like Sue is in this article, a good imagination will be required if you are a Democrat voter.


And, what will YOU do, Chris, if proven wrong in November? Admit that you didn't understand what would be in the best interest of the country, or what?

Christopher Conway

I will not be wrong, I think I have a better understanding of the American people than you do Jorg. President Trump has been a godsend to them no matter what race. You may know Scandinavian countries better than I Jorg, but I know the American people much better than you.

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