The day after the Super Bowl there were two headlines that caught my eye. The first described a “controversial penalty call” decried as a “bad way to end a Super Bowl.” Did Bradberry hold Smith-Schuster or just touch his jersey? Good people can rightfully argue over that. The other headline was “Rep. Lauren Boebert raged against performance of ‘Black national anthem’ at the Super Bowl.” She, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kari Lake and other GOP, ummmm “leaders?” complained that the NFL had gone “woke,” calling the song “Lift every voice and sing” divisive. Really? My friends, I have to say quite frankly, that GOOD people cannot argue about that.

Craig Wiesner

Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy routine from the ’90s comes to mind when he would riff on things like “If you have astroturf lining the back of your truck, you might just be a redneck.” If you find yourself enraged by the singing of “Lift every voice and sing” at the Super Bowl, I’m sorry, but you might just be a … person in need of some serious soul searching. Speaking of souls, lashing out against this song isn’t just racist (yeah I said it), it is also an insult to every major mainstream Christian denomination in our country which includes it in 42 different hymnals.

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Beautifully put. Thanks Craig.


Terrance Y - the new Chris Conway [cool]

Terence Y

Thanks for the compliment, JestMike650. But how do you know I’m not the old Chris Conway?


Chris Conway had a somewhat broader vocabulary, so he didn't have to repeat the same words as often as you.

Terence Y

Jorg, that may be true but it means that Mr. Conway, like me, has also forgotten more vocabulary than you’ll ever learn. BTW, because your repeated words are replete with repeats of fake news and lies, you’ll likely see a repeat replete with the same responses. After all, why would I change a winning formula… the truth shall set you free.


TY: Well, at least I keep you busy enough to keep you out of other trouble you could get yourself into!

Terence Y

Mr. Wiesner – you appear to be missing the point… The issue is not the song or its lyrics… Unless you’re going to allow the Asian-American national anthem, a Mexican-American national anthem, an Orange national anthem, etc. to be sung, then the Black national anthem is considered divisive because it is not inclusive, or equitable, or whatever you want to call it to all Americans. Using racism to address racism won’t unite our country, but our one National Anthem shows we are united (yes, that means everyone, not just a faction) in our love for this country. BTW, it sounds like you’re happy with sowing division – implying people who argue against your narrative as not GOOD people. If you don’t consider me as GOOD people, I can live with that… I’ll assume you consider me as GREAT people…

Rev. Lorrie Owens, NAACP San Mateo

Mr. Y - have you read the third verse of the "Star Spangled Banner"? That is not only divisive, it's downright racist. I'd rather sing "Life Every Voice and Sing", or an Asian-American National Anthem, a Mexican-American National Anthem (not too sure about the Orange one) than pay homage to a song that celebrates the "terror of flight or the gloom of the grave" for the "hireling and slave" (words directly from the third verse). And the song was written to the tune of a British bar song, no less. You clearly don't understand that the current National Anthem does NOT show that we are united; it celebrates the carnage in this land against the poor and people of color. If that's not divisive, I don't know what it.

Terence Y

Rev. Owens - thanks for your reply, although you appear to be missing the point regarding a National Anthem. If you believe the “Star Spangled Banner” is divisive (like having umpteen subsets of national anthems would be) then you should do what you can to convince folks to change it. I’d prefer Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” as a replacement. Of course some may consider this also to be the Orange National Anthem…

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