Matt Grocott

When I was a kid, my dad would sometimes interrupt what I was doing and say to me, “Just one question … .” Following would be a question he would pose that would stop me in my tracks. Often, asking just one question can lead to opening one’s eyes to a new truth or newfound wisdom. A broader perspective can be added to one’s thinking. It’s also a good way to provide caution before total disaster happens and, at times, it can reveal an obvious solution to a vexing problem.

A memory I recall from my boyhood days is raking leaves in the front yard on a breezy fall day and getting frustrated because the wind kept blowing the leaves to where I had just raked. My dad observed the scene and said to me, “Son, just one question: Why not rake the leaves in the direction the wind is blowing?” “Boy,” I thought, “why didn’t I think of that?”

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I'll bite. Lots of good questions worthy of lengthy discussion, without resorting to name calling or questioning the character of the people Mr. Grocott would like to ask just one question. I love the start of the piece remembering the question about raking in the right direction with the wind. Brilliant. I'm going to reach out to Secretary Buttigieg's office and some other folks who are more versed in the environmental issues than I to see if I can get staffers to talk to me about California, specifically, and the desire to go with electric vehicles while at the same time we are being told our grid needs relief. I'm going to guess that an answer is we need to upgrade our grid (we have spent way too little on infrastructure like this), get the ability to store more green energy for use during peak times, etc.... but, as I said, I'm no expert but I'll take on the challenge to try to learn more and share it with this community.

Dirk van Ulden

Craig, thank you for showing interest in addressing this misunderstood electricity capacity vs supply issue. UC Berkeley's Industrial Engineering Dept, my alma mater, has a team assigned to this very complex issue. Just remember one thing, storage may be the answer but once depleted it needs to be replenished with green energy. Even the most optimistic forecast by the CA Independent System Operator, the agency that 'schedules' generation supplies, will not see that as a reality for many decades to come. There is much information available on the CAISO website on this topic. Let me know when you have immersed yourself in this thorny issue and we can discuss.


Thank you! I will!!!

Dirk van Ulden

Ah - the sound of silence from the left..If Matt had only sprinkled even a minute reference to Trump, there would have been an avalanche of comments. But, since the usual cast of characters who comment here had nothing to say it purportedly means that they agree with Matt. We are in trouble deep.

Dirk van Ulden

Thank you Mark for another thoughtful column. You are likely preaching to the choir but in a nod to Westy, I am wondering how many Biden voters will be 'heroes' and admit that they made the mistake of their lifetime to vote for Susan Rice and Anthony Blinken. Those two, even though unelected, are really running this country. The puppeteer is Obama and that should scare most of us even more.

Terence Y

Great questions, Mr. Grocott, but the biggest question is whether you’ll get any answers. Unfortunately, we can ask thousands of valid questions about Biden’s America Last policies or where all this magic electricity will be generated but we’re never going to get valid answers. As our dear readers have seen, instead of being able to list a Biden accomplishment, all we get from rabid lefties are continued letters and comments about “orange man bad” or lately, manufactured outrage at federal abortion rights, even though abortion has not been banned across our great nation, or thought experiments regarding the Electoral College, even though there have been 700, or so, attempts to change the EC, with zero success. And of course, let's not forget the granddaddy of them all, the kangaroo court of the Unselect Committee, which is nothing more than a taxpayer funded gossip circle, attempting to deflect from the disaster known as Biden.

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