Deandre Gantt

Deandre Gantt

Two teens suspected of being involved in the shootout that occurred at the Shops of Tanforan in San Bruno earlier this month were arrested Thursday, bringing the total number of arrests related to the incident to four, according to the San Bruno Police Department. 

San Francisco resident Deandre Lejon Gantt, 18, was arrested by the Martinez Police Department at about 1:23 a.m. for possession of a stolen vehicle and because he allegedly fired gunshots during the Tanforan shootout, according to a press release. He was booked into the San Mateo County Jail on charges related to attempted murder and conspiracy following a short vehicle pursuit and foot chase, according to the release. 

The second suspect arrested Thursday, a 14-year-old male resident of San Francisco, allegedly acted in concert with one of the shooters and was booked into the San Mateo County Youth Services Center also for charges related to attempted murder and conspiracy, according to the release.

Police do not release the names of suspects under the age of 18.

On July 6, San Bruno police working with the San Francisco Police Department arrested a 16-year-old believed to be one of the other shooters and they also arrested a 15-year-old suspect that day who is believed to have assisted one of the shooters. The arrests occurred at two San Francisco homes. Both suspects are San Francisco residents and were also booked into the San Mateo County Youth Services Center for charges related to attempted murder and conspiracy. 

“We’re still working to identify all outstanding subjects, the majority of which have been identified,” said San Bruno police Cmdr. Geoffrey Caldwell. “It’s an ongoing investigation and further arrests may take place. We take this incident very seriously and we’ve been working nonstop since it took place to identify all who were involved.” 

The shootout occurred in the late afternoon of July 2 on the second floor of Tanforan near the food court. Two groups of juveniles engaged in a dispute and then a member from one group started shooting and that was answered with shots fired from a member of the second group, Police Chief Ed Barberini said previously. Two teens were wounded in the exchange of gunfire — one in the leg and one in the abdomen — and are expected to make a full recovery. The incident caused a widespread panic at the shopping center and nearby as initial reports indicated there was an “active shooter” incident and BART had closed the nearby station while police arrived. Scores of officers from across the county descended upon the mall to look for the shooters and tend to the victims, who initially received first aid from two staff sergeants and a specialist from the U.S. Army National Guard recruiting office. Many shoppers sheltered in place for hours while the mall was searched and they were later released in the evening. The shopping center reopened the next day.

Caldwell said at this point it would not be accurate to describe the two groups of teens involved in the dispute as gangs.

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