San Francisco and the Peninsula will be getting federal stimulus funds for rail improvements, new buses, transportation projects and money for local cities’ development and renovation of Millbrae’s wastewater plant, according to U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo.

"This money is for projects that can start immediately and will benefit our communities in many ways - from providing good jobs, better services, improved transportation, career training and vital infrastructure improvements,” Speier said Friday. "Whether the money comes in the form of direct payments or bonds for low-interest, long-term loans, the objective is to get our area - and America - back to work. I am confident that we will begin to reap benefits in the very near future.”

Recent direct disbursements include:

• $9.2 million for the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board for improvements to railroad tracks, bridges and signals and to make it easier and safer for bicyclists to access passenger trains;

• $7.9 million for the San Mateo County Transit District to purchase 132 new busses, provide preventive maintenance on the existing fleet and improve services for seniors and the disabled;

• $67 million for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for 12 different vital transportation projects;

• $15 million for San Francisco International Airport for construction of a new inline baggage handling system to expedite passenger screening and vastly improve capabilities to detect explosives and other threats.

Funds in the form of low interest loans are:

• Daly City will benefit from $7.4 million and $11.1 million respectively in Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds (to finance a broad range of qualified economic development projects, including job training and educational programs) and Recovery Zone Facility Bonds (available to private businesses in designated recovery zones to finance depreciable capital projects);

• The city of Millbrae signed a $34 million contract with the California Water Resources Control Board for a low-interest loan of federal stimulus money to renovate the city's 50-year-old wastewater treatment plant.

These announcements represent only the most recent disbursements and bonds. A complete representation of funds coming to the area, including a frequently updated interactive map, can be found on Speier's official Web site, by clicking on the "Recovery at Work” button.

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