With children as young as 6 months old now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, San Mateo County officials are encouraging guardians to look toward their child’s pediatrician for treatment.

“Vaccines are safe and effective at reducing the worst outcomes from COVID-19 by preventing serious infection, complications, and death related to COVID-19. Getting young children vaccinated will offer them the best protection against the disease that has caused so much harm to families and communities,” Lizelle Lirio de Luna, director of Family Health Services, said in a statement. “Now that vaccines have been approved for children 6 months and older, parents should reach out to their pediatric care provider to ask questions and to make an appointment.”

Tuesday marked the first day children under 5 years old became eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine and county health officials say large health care providers across the county, including Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health and Dignity Health are well prepared to treat the area’s smallest residents.

Unlike previous vaccination initiatives led by the county, a large-scale clinic is not in the plans. Instead, county officials intend to provide vaccine doses to targeted areas hardest hit by the pandemic, largely underserved areas with high populations of Latino, Black and Pacific Islander residents.

“San Mateo County Health has been working with local pediatric health care providers to help them prepare to administer COVID-19 vaccines to children under 5 after approval by the FDA, CDC, and regional and state authorities. The major health care systems have confirmed that they are well prepared to offer vaccination to their patients/members who are under 5,” read a statement from County Health.

In San Mateo County, vaccination rates among communities of color have trailed behind the county’s overall rate and have fallen short of the health officials’ goal to connect at least 80% of every community with a COVID-19 vaccine.

To date, about 89% of all residents ages 5 and older have been fully vaccinated. For Latino residents, that figure drops to about 72% and down even further to 64% for Black residents and to 61% for Pacific Islanders.

Vaccination rates by age group have shown a stronger trend with all groups but the 5 to 11 group surpassing the 80% goal. About 64% of kids ages 5 to 11 are now fully vaccinated.

Tuesday’s expansion to allow younger children to be vaccinated comes as the county experiences a steady increase in COVID-19 cases. In the last 30 days, 11,616 residents have contracted the virus and 43 patients are currently seeking care for COVID-related illnesses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has placed the county in the medium-risk tier and county officials have encouraged the public to remain vigilant in practicing safety measures including getting vaccinated, staying on schedule with boosters and honoring social distancing and masking when indoors.

Visit myturn.ca.gov/ to book an online appointment and the County Health website at smchealth.org/coronavirus for more information on clinics, guidance and COVID-19 data.

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(7) comments

Terence Y

Parents, remember there is no efficacy data on this jab for babies as young as six months. The metrics are based on three children in the vaccine group and seven receiving a placebo. If you’re okay with a lack of reliable data, go ahead and subject your babies to unknown side effects in their near and far future. The CDC and FDA are not your friends when it comes to the jab. It’s patently obvious that the jab is nowhere close to a vaccine. Let’s not forget that kids ages 6-17 are now realizing higher risks of heart inflammation – a known side effect of the jab. Your body, your choice... Your baby’s and kid’s bodies, still your choice… Choose wisely, their future health depends on it.


A vaccine goes through intensive testing before people can get it. Thousands of children under age 5 participated in studies that showed that the vaccine is just as safe in young children as it is in older kids and adults.

Is there any conspiracy theory you don't subsribe to, Terence Y?

Terence Y

Westy, you are correct that a vaccine goes through intensive testing. Unfortunately, the various COVID jabs are not vaccines. People are the guinea pigs. You may want to review the Biologics License Application (BLA) approval (see link below) for the Pfizer jab. Under the Page 5 section of Pediatric Requirements, you’ll see three studies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the jab for kids. Note this is after the fact - after kids have become guinea pigs. Beginning on Page 6, under Postmarketing Requirements Under Section 505(o), you’ll see six studies related to issues with taking the drug. Again after adults have become guinea pigs.


Before you accuse anyone of conspiracy theories, you may want to do some independent research and learn some facts before spewing unfounded lies. You may have already decided to be a guinea pig (three, or is it four, or seventeen times now?) since it’s your body, your choice. For kids and babies, it’s their body but still your choice. Do you want your kids or babies to be guinea pigs? Hopefully they’ll outlive you, but is it worth taking a chance on an unapproved product? Of which long-term effects are known and unknown? Normally, you want your kids to have enlarged hearts (figuratively) due to their love for you, not enlarged hearts (literally) due to these experimental (yes, experimental, as the BLA shows) jabs. Westy, is there any amount of fake news or lies promulgated by the lamestream media you question?


OK, I'll bite. What on earth is a "jab" if not a vaccination?? A "jab" is not referenced in the link you give, which is to something that is almost a year old (before testing was done for the under 5 group).

Terence Y

A jab in this case is a poke – a poke in the arm with questionable juice. I’m not sure what you mean by “before testing was done for the under 5 group”… “Protocols” are not reports. Protocols define your study and perhaps how you’ll present your findings, but they are not results. The most important date is the study completion date.

Note the BLA application calls out numerous and specific studies for myocarditis and pericarditis, meaning Pfizer knew about these side effects even as they subjected human guinea pigs to their jab juice. We can also see that Pfizer is worried about their juice on the effects of pregnancy and infants, again, even as they subject mothers-to-be and infants to their jab juice. I guess you can give Pfizer some credit for calling out issues with pregnancy, myocarditis, and pericarditis, since those adverse effects have come to fruition.


A vaccine goes through intensive testing before people can get it. Thousands of children under age 5 participated in studies that showed that the vaccine is just as safe in young children as it is in older kids and adults.

I got all the Covid vaccines, as I get my flu vaccine every year (after a particularly bad bout of flu that felt like it might kill me), I got all my childhood vaccines, I got the shingles vaccine (shingles is nasty, I highly encourage all my older friends to get the vaccine). I like modern medicine. I like not being sick. And I feel it is my social duty not to end up using resources in intensive care if I can easily do so by getting vaccinated. I also enjoy knowing that I've done all I can to avoid infecting and possibly killing someone else. That's just me. You do you.

Terence Y

Westy, you are correct that a vaccine goes through intensive testing. Unfortunately, the various COVID jabs are not vaccines. Wait, I’m experiencing déjà vu. I’ll refer our dear readers to yesterday's response addressing your similar comment.

As for COVID jabs, I want people to choose wisely. In this age of COVID, the FDA and CDC are not anyone's friend. I especially want parents to choose wisely before subjecting their kids, and babies, to known and unknown side effects due to experimental jabs. Side effects COVID jab manufacturers have acknowledged in their application.

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