A 30-year-old parolee was brought back into custody last week on accusations he advanced toward his parole officer with a dumbbell and broke a window of the parole office in Redwood City April 23, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

Aaron Womack was shot twice by his parole officer after he approached the man with a weight in his hands at around 1:30 a.m. April 23 while the officer was working overtime at the office at 540 Price Ave. Known to live in an area near the office’s parking lot, Womack had been seen by the officer yelling in the parking lot hours before and allegedly smashed a glass door of the building with the dumbbell before he started advancing toward the officer, according to prosecutors.

The officer came out of the building in the early hours of the morning to find Womack allegedly banging on the building’s wall with the dumbbell before smashing the door with the weight. Though the officer had been able to speak with Womack when he was yelling earlier in the day, Womack allegedly repeatedly asked the officer where he came from when the officer called him by name, according to prosecutors.

The officer shot at Womack twice, hitting him in the pelvic area and in the back of his upper left leg and causing Womack to turn around and run away from the officer with the weight still in his hand. Redwood City police officers responding to the scene found Womack, who refused to put the weight down until the officers discharged a Taser, according to prosecutors.

Womack was arrested and taken to Stanford Hospital, where he has been recovering until he appeared in court Thursday. He was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon as well as misdemeanor vandalism and resisting arrest, and the county’s private defender program was appointed to his case, according to prosecutors.

His attorney allegedly declared a doubt as to his competency to stand trial and the judge suspended all criminal proceedings. Womack will next appear in court Friday for appointment of doctors and he remains in custody on $35,000 bail, according to prosecutors.

District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said his office is investigating the incident because it is officer-involved shooting.

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I hope this severely troubled young man gets the help he so desperately needs. Then thrown back him the slammer!


"Then thrown back him the slammer!" Whaaaat?

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