The fate of key piece of Burlingame Bayfront property will come under examination, as the State Lands Commission is fielding requests for developing the 9-acre property which has long laid fallow.

The State Lands Commission opened the request window for potential uses at 401 Airport Blvd., where a hotel, a public park, open space and wetlands have been among the proposed projects.

The new deadline for proposals for the state property is in July, and Burlingame Mayor Donna Colson said she is hopeful creative and bold visions come forward for one of the largest swaths of unused land east of Highway 101.

“There is a fair amount of opportunity out there,” said Colson.

Three competing proposals have previously been filed for the land owned and operated by the State Lands Commission, which limits the authority of city officials in determining the fate of the unkempt land currently bounded by a fence.

A developer proposed building a boutique, 150-room hotel in one corner of the site, reserving the rest of the property for open space or aquatic uses such as kayak or paddleboard launches.

A similar development proposal included a hotel in the corner of the property abutting Kincaid’s Restaurant, with the rest of the site reserved for athletic fields open to the community.

And a third proposal includes preserving the naturally occurring wetlands at the site as open space for community enjoyment and education.

For her part, Colson said she is intrigued by the opportunity to keep a majority of the land open while occupying some of it with a boutique hotel which could bolster the city’s tourism industry.

“We still think there is enough capacity to handle a small, high-end boutique hotel that would have a restaurant and other amenities that would be nice for the public,” she said.

She noted the city’s current hotel room vacancy rate is extremely low, and that interest in the adjacent area will likely be sparked with construction of the new Facebook building which could accommodate roughly 3,500 workers.

Building a hotel would also improve the value of the land for the state and generate some revenue for the city through hotel tax which could be paid to help maintain the surrounding area, said Colson.

“Revenue that could be used to help that whole Bayfront could be important,” she said.

She also noted the proposal to build athletic fields is flawed because allowed uses are limited by the requirement to preserve sensitive open spaces and seasonal wetlands.

“There are very specific rules on what can and can’t be done out there,” she said.

Regarding the proposal to preserve the entirety of the site as wetlands, Colson said she questioned the financing plan to make the vision for the site sustainable.

Looking ahead, Colson said she believes city officials will hold off on discussing the future of the property until the state agency has closed the window for proposals and started to identify preferred alternatives.

She noted though Burlingame officials have been underwhelmed by the process, and are feeling a little disregarded by their counterparts at the State Lands Commission who control the property.

“That has been a frustration for us,” said Colson, regarding the process of working alongside the State Lands Commission.

But regardless of the merits of the variety of proposals, Colson said she is hopeful some development begins soon because the state of the property currently is unsightly, unsafe and unsuitable.

“The status quo is completely unacceptable,” she said.

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(7) comments

K McLaughlin

I like the idea of a "kayak camp" ... this could be the first campground for the proposed SF Bay Water Trail. It could also be used by hikers/bicyclists using the Bay Trail to camp overnight, with picnic space for day-users. The ferry terminal (with shuttles) is also an interesting idea.


How about using the 9acres for a ferry? It would be a lot easier to fill all those nearby office buildings and hotels if they had acres to a ferry to sf or the east bay. Richmond, Vallejo, SF, Oakland, Larkspur all have ferry terminals. They have one in the works for Treasure Island, the new Chase center and other cities. We should not squander this public land. Once it’s developed we won’t get it back.

Christopher Conway

Not a bad idea

vincent wei

Free or no cost land certainly makes affordable housing a real development possibility. An opportunity you don't get very often on the Peninsula.

Seems no officials are entertaining that possibility. While it also seems we have enough hotels, boutique or not, in the area.

I'd implore those same officials to contact an affordable housing group like Mid-Pen to ask if they would be willing or able to build affordable on the site.


NO MORE HOUSING! NONE! We can NOT accommodate the world! What is wrong with people; enough is enough! How much traffic, congestion, garbage, noise can we possible sustain!

Cindy Cornell

What is completely unacceptable is adding more low-income jobs in Burlingame without housing. Burlingame sought out the overseas developers for the new Facebook Oculus business park and now wants to do a deal with the same developers for a "small boutique hotel" on state-owned land. You know, public land that the public owns. Meanwhile, over half of the residents in the City are at risk of displacement because of the high-salaried Facebook employees coming to town.


The developments are blocking our views and I vote to keep the land vacant and untouched. If you want affordable housing then buy a RV and park on the vacant land and hire the ACLU if they try to evict you.

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