Scott Eagleton did not grow up with stars in his eyes.

But the Redwood City-native is now finding a comfortable place in the entertainment industry. At 23, the 2004 Woodside High grad is working as a production coordinator on a new ABC Family show "Ruby & The Rockits,” starring Patrick Cassidy, David Cassidy, Alexa Vega and Austin Butler. Eagleton is enjoying the experience while looking to the future, which he hopes will include a producer title.

Eagleton grew up the older of two sons to Kelly and Alan. Self-described as adventurous, Eagleton was unsure what type of career path interested him. An architect or biotechnician appealed to him when he was younger.

He wasn’t into many school or after-school sports, but a film class offered at Woodside High caught his attention. A visit from a representative of the Brooks Institute, where Eagleton ended up attending college, sparked his interest further in film despite parental efforts to lead him down other pathways.

He enrolled in the film class, got a camera and began making little films of his friends skating and having fun.

While in high school, Eagleton had his parents buy him a computer with film-making software for Christmas.

"[He] would spend hours editing, adding music, cutting and pasting,” his mom Kelly said in an e-mail interview. "Scott was never one to test the water but take a full-out run and plunge.”

Admittedly, Eagleton’s parents were more interested in him pursuing a career in architecture, but supported his decision to attend the Brooks Institute.

After studying film, Eagleton got his foot in the entertainment door through internships. He had access to working on music videos, which were fun but did not offer a lucrative career path. Eagleton earned a position as a production assistant on "Opportunity Knocks,” allowing him access to many scheduling and planning opportunities.

"Scott works hard and we see and appreciate it. Sure, we have had many worries about him becoming part of the industry. There was a small timeframe where there was no work. So he came home and was a plumber for a couple of weeks then back to Manhattan Beach. But he always kept in contact with his contacts. Letting everyone know that he was available,” his mom said.

The contact and constant work paid off for Eagleton. He’s worked on a number of pilots before landing his current gig as a production coordinator on "Ruby & the Rockits.”

Developed by Shaun Cassidy, the show follows Patrick Cassidy as a former teen idol living a quiet life with his wife and children that is interrupted when his former bandmate and brother, David Cassidy, shows up with his teenage daughter.

Any concerns about Eagleton’s career choice were squashed after his parents recently had a chance to visit a taping of "Ruby & the Rockits.” Kelly Eagleton noted hearing wonderful comments about her son.

Eagleton is loving the experience on the set.

"I’m a people person,” he said. "I love talking with people all day.”

He is happy with his current place in the entertainment industry but hopes to someday be a producer on a scripted show. When not working, Eagleton, who lives in Manhattan Beach with his girlfriend Molly Pabain, enjoys biking and playing beach volleyball. He’s previously done rides benefiting diabetes and plans to ride for multiple sclerosis in the future.

"Ruby & The Rockits” debuts 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 21 on the ABC Family channel.

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