A number of changes are coming Monday to BART, to all of its routes — some of the changes small, others more profound.

Among the more significant adjustments will be on the Antioch line, where most trains that have been originating westbound terminating eastbound at Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre during weekday morning peak periods will now do so at Concord.

The same number of trains will serve Pleasant Hill, BART Officials said, but more trains will serve Concord each weekday morning.

Some evening commute trains will also end at Concord instead of Pleasant Hill; those trains will be indicated on the platform destination signs.

Other major improvements include the return of “two-line service” into San Francisco on Sunday, the addition of Fleet of the Future trains on Saturday, earlier weekday train service for many riders, and later evening direct service from San Francisco into Warm Springs, BART said.

The return of two-line service to San Francisco on Sundays will include Dublin/Pleasanton line trains terminating at Montgomery or Daly City, depending on the time of day and whether there is single tracking going on.

Riders on that line going will transfer to an Antioch/SFO train at Montgomery Street.

The Warm Springs/Daly City and Richmond/Millbrae trips to San Francisco on Sunday are being eliminated to allow the return of Dublin/Pleasanton service to San Francisco. And Sunday trips to Millbrae will not require a transfer at SFO.

Other general changes on BART set to begin this week include a 24-minute headway between trains on Sundays, up from 20 minutes. BART believes this “will provide greater predictability and resilience in the event of a service delay.”


• The 5 a.m. northbound train from South Hayward will be on the Warm Springs/Richmond line instead of the Warm Springs/Daly City line, meaning San Francisco-bound passengers will need to use trains on the Dublin/Pleasanton to Daly City or Antioch/SFO lines for the first San Francisco arrivals, arriving in San Francisco eight minutes later.

• Morning service to San Francisco from Warm Springs will begin 14 minutes earlier, departing at 5:01 a.m.

• Evening direct service from Daly City to Warm Springs will be extended with an added train departing at 7:12 p.m.

• The morning peak 9:12 a.m. Antioch/SFO train from MacArthur to Daly City is being eliminated to allow the Concord turnback trains to serve more riders.

• BART says its evening schedule is being adjusted to better accommodate single-tracking in the Transbay Tube.

• On Saturdays, more Fleet of the Future trains are being added, with two each on the Antioch/SFO, Dublin/Pleasanton, and Richmond/Millbrae lines, and four on the Warm Springs/Daly City line.

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