A woman who prosecutors say let her 10-year-old German shepherd Raven endure open sores and infected wounds to the point it had to be euthanized was sentenced yesterday to four days in jail and two years supervised probation.

Betty Lockett must also pay $160 in fines and abide by standard animal cruelty conditions such as ownership restrictions. Lockett’s jail term will likely be served through the Sheriff’s Work Program.

Lockett pleaded no contest to misdemeanor animal abuse June 10, the same day prosecutors dismissed the same charge against her husband, Donald Lockett, 57. In return for changing her plea, Betty Lockett was promised no more than 10 days jail and probation.

Her husband avoided a charge because the District Attorney’s Office only required one half the couple to accept a plea settlement, said Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

The District Attorney’s Office lodged the criminal charge against the Locketts after receiving the case from the Peninsula Humane Society. PHS received a digital photo of Raven via its complaint address on its Web site in mid-January and contacted the couple for further investigation, according to PHS spokesman Scott Delucchi.

Raven was a 10-year-old German shepherd but looked 21 because he was in such poor health, Delucchi said.

The dog was discovered on the garage floor with clouded eyes, an emaciated frame, hair missing around a bandage on an open sore and live maggots living in his left ear canal, according to the prosecution.

The last record of medical treatment was reportedly in August 2005 for the dog which had an incurable skin condition.

He was ultimately euthanized and the Locketts charged after the necropsy.

The couple allegedly told authorities they were financially strapped and didn’t think a veterinarian could help. Instead, they wanted the dog to die naturally at home, Wagstaffe said.

Both have been free from custody on their own recognizance.

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