A storm expected overnight is intensifying and will hit a region that has already seen regular rain for the past few weeks, according to the National Weather Service.

A flash flood watch has been issued for the entire region, a wind advisory will be in effect for the interior valleys and a high wind warning is in effect for the hills above 1,000 feet, meteorologists said.

The rain will severely impact the coastal ranges, which may see up to 8 inches of rain in some areas and up to a half-inch per hour at times. The primary issue, according to meteorologist Ryan Walbrun, is the rain that has already impacted the region in recent weeks.

“There hasn’t been enough time to dry out the soil. Any rain we get is going to immediately run off,” he said.

As the rain totals increase, so will the flood risk, according to Walbrun. In addition, high winds are expected starting Wednesday.

The coastal ranges will likely see 4-6 inches of rain, the North Bay 3-4 inches, the South Bay 1-1.5 inches, 1-2 inches in the Monterey Bay region and 1-2 inches in the immediate Bay Area. The rain will weaken to scattered showers on Thursday.

“If you live in a place that’s prone to flooding, your time for action is running out quickly,” Walbrun said.

Winds in the region are expected to be breezy, with gusts around 20-30 mph, and stronger gusts between 45-60 mph possible through early Thursday in the coastal areas, East Bay hills and Santa Cruz Mountains.

A cool and showery pattern is expected to return to the region on Friday, and Walbrun said there are no signs of any long dry spell for the region coming soon.

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