In an effort to connect even more Peninsula residents with health and community engagement opportunities, the Sequoia Healthcare District is expanding a health resource directory previously designed for older adults to reach district residents of all ages.

Launched three years ago under the name 70 Strong, an initiative to connect seniors with meaningful activities they can pursue in their older years proved to reach thousands of users, explained Cat Bottini, program manager for the Sequoia Healthcare District.

Though the online directory, phone line and network of social workers were aimed at connecting older adults to resources available to them in their communities, those behind 70 Strong found the directory had become a hub for health information, she said. Combined with feedback from district residents voicing support for a similar resource for teens and children, district officials were driven to scope an expansion of the resource to other age groups, said Bottini.

“That really showed us that people want to be empowered and feel self-sufficient,” she said. “We kept receiving feedback from the community that this is something that could really help everybody.”

She said the district has already launched the portion of the directory with resources for adults age 50 and over and is currently at work curating resources for children, teens and adults with the goal of launching other sections of the website in October. Though the directory is aimed at connecting district residents with health resources, such as free and low-cost health clinics, Bottini said it’s also aimed at shining a light on fun activities and other community engagement opportunities that contribute to their health.

“We want to connect and mobilize all of the activities and services and organizations that are available for our community’s health,” she said.

Bottini said the directory would primarily list resources offered within the district boundaries — which goes as far north as portions of San Mateo and as far south as Redwood City — but would also include resources offered in neighboring cities that district residents might access.

To curate resources for a variety of district residents, officials have consulted with those working in the district’s schools and health professionals to identify helpful health and community engagement resources, she said. For teens, listings could range from substance and e-cigarette use workshops to free and low-cost counseling and support services, said Bottini, who noted volunteer and leadership opportunities are among the resources that may be listed for adults.

Though district officials will continue to post fliers at adult activity centers and libraries to spread the word about the resource among adults, Bottini said they are also planning to find ways to reach teens, youth and their parents through social media and other community events like local farmers’ markets.

Bottini said officials are hoping the directory will serve as one resource residents of all ages can refer to for a variety of needs, and will connect them with opportunities they might not otherwise have known about.

“We want to connect and mobilize all of the activities and services and organizations that are available for our community’s health,” she said. “The end goal is really to have more participation and more utilization of the services and the activities in the community.”

Visit to access the directory.

(650) 344-5200 ext. 106

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