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Sign-ups are NOW for all FALL College of San Mateo (CSM) classes, including REAL ESTATE!

As is widely said, “More money is made in Real Estate than in any other sector of the American economy!”

Sign up NOW to find out about Real Estate! And, get a RE License (if you wish), too!

Sign-up online or call the very nice Admissions staff on 650.574-6165 now.


Real Estate Principles 100: (Course Registration Number or CRN is: 82868)

Learn many of the important legal RE principles you'll need for other RE classes and getting a license.

RE100 will meet 6:30pm Tuesday evenings starting August 20, 2019, with sign-ups NOW!

Real Estate Practice 110: (CRN is: 82873)

Learn how some of our finest and most successful realty agents earn their famous "super-sized" commissions (which can easily range from say $30,000 to $100,000 per house, depends on several factors including the sales price). Some key legal and Practical aspects of the work. Plus, some very promising Career opportunities, how to get started as quickly and successfully as possible. Also required to get a RE license.

RE110 will meet 6:30pm Wednesdays beginning August 14 2019, with sign-ups NOW!

Real Estate Finance 131: (CRN is: 88106)

Learn about banks and other lenders, key kinds of real estate loans, credit scores and other qualifications to get a good loan, how to improve a credit score, how loans are made, and how to get the best-available loan on the best terms to purchase a home. Counts towards a license, too.

RE131 will meet 6:30pm Mondays beginning August 19, 2019, with sign-ups NOW!


CSM is a beautiful, friendly place. It offers very easy parking and is right off the Freeway.

SIGN-UPS are NOW at the college website, or call the very nice Admissions Office folks

on 650/574-6165 to Enroll (please have above CRN numbers and credit card ready and allow them a few minutes to assist you, get you enrolled properly, thank you).

---------CSM is your local, Not-for-profit, Public Community College, ALL ARE WELCOME at CSM!

(These classes fill up rapidly; those who couldn't get in last time are invited to sign up quickly to get in NOW while there's still room in these popular classes. Thanks.)

CSM offers many additional fine classes including Business, Accountancy, Computers, and many more. Ask!

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  • Starting Wednesday, August 14th, 2019, repeated every week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until Wednesday, September 04, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm


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