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Did city, state authorities miss opportunities to prevent fire?
OAKLAND — City and state officials fielded years of complaints about dangerous conditions, drugs, neglected children, trash, thefts and squabbles at the illegally converted warehouse where 36 partygoers were killed in a weekend fire, with inspectors knocking on the door as recently as two weeks be...
By Ellen Knickmeyer and Paul Elias The Associated Press FULL STORY
Trump interjects himself in Air Force One, business deals
NEW YORK — President-elect Donald Trump, a political newcomer who touts his corporate skills, turned businessman-in-chief Tuesday, first demanding the government cancel a multibillion-dollar order for new presidential planes and then hailing a Japanese company’s commitment to invest billions in ...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Officials: California water conservation steadies
FRESNO — Californians did a good job of saving water in October, a month of heavy rainfall amid easing drought conditions in a state enduring five straight dry years, regulators said Tuesday. Cities used 19.5 percent less in October compared with 2013, shortly before Gov. Jerry Brown declared a ...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Assembly Democrats seek $1B in state spending despite risks
SACRAMENTO — California Assembly Democrats are pushing for $1 billion in new state spending even as they warn that the policies of President-elect Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress could have devastating consequences for the state budget. Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco made the ope...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Researchers fret as info lags on pot effects on older adults
DENVER — Surveys show a small but growing number of older adults are using marijuana — a trend that worries researchers who say not enough information exists about how pot affects older users. Abundant research has been done on how the drug impacts developing brains, but little is known about t...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Pipeline opponents ride out storm in shelters, casino
MANDAN, N.D. — Some protesters who have been fighting the Dakota Access pipeline retreated to a nearby casino and area shelters overnight as a blizzard blew through, but many remained at a camp in southern North Dakota, according to protest organizers who say they’re committed to maintaining the...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Math a concern for US teens; science, reading flat on test
WASHINGTON — American students have a math problem. The latest global snapshot of student performance for 15-year-olds shows declining math scores in the U.S. and stagnant performance in science and reading. “We’re losing ground — a troubling prospect when, in today’s knowledge-based eco...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Obama defends counterterrorism plan before handover to Trump
TAMPA, Fla. — Closing out two terms as a president at war, Barack Obama staunchly defended his counterterrorism strategy as one that rejected torture, held to American values and avoided large-scale troop deployments, in an implicit effort to shape the strategy his successor might employ. Obama c...
By Kevin Freking and Jopsh Lederman The Associated Press FULL STORY
Critics worry after Trump security chief fuels conspiracies
WASHINGTON — On issues of national security and intelligence, no one is likely to have more influence in Donald Trump’s White House than retired Gen. Michael T. Flynn. Yet Flynn, Trump’s incoming national security adviser, has gained prominence in Republican politics by fueling conspiracy the...
By Steve Peoples The Associated Press FULL STORY
GOP adds $10 billion for wars and $4 billion for disasters to stopgap bill
WASHINGTON — Republicans controlling Congress Tuesday unveiled $10 billion in supplemental war funding and $4 billion more for disaster relief for Louisiana and other states as key additions to must-pass legislation to keep the government running into next spring. The bill would also deliver $17...
By Andrew Taylor The Associated Press FULL STORY
Supreme Court upholds broad power to curb insider trading
WASHINGTON — A unanimous Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with the government in a legal clash over the nation’s insider trading laws, a victory for prosecutors seeking to curb corruption on Wall Street. The justices ruled that sharing corporate secrets with friends or relatives is illegal even i...
By Sam Hananel The Associated Press FULL STORY
Ransomed: The race to free 226 Christian hostages inside Syria
SAARLOUIS, Germany — Deep inside Syria, a bishop worked secretly to save the lives of 226 members of his flock from the Islamic State group — by amassing millions of dollars from his community around the world to buy their freedom. The Assyrian Christians were seized from the Khabur River valle...
By Lori Hinnant The Associated Press FULL STORY
Iran president: Trump won’t be able to harm the nuclear deal
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s president said on Tuesday that his country will not allow incoming U.S. President Donald Trump to “tear up” Iran’s landmark nuclear deal with world powers and also warned Tehran will react to any extension of American sanctions. The comments by Hassan Rouhani came du...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Trump son-in-law’s family donated to Israeli settler groups
JERUSALEM — President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law co-directs a family foundation that has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Jewish settlement organizations in the West Bank, according to tax records. Trump has said Jared Kushner, who serves as a close adviser, could help negotiate a p...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Hacker gets five years in prison for stealing scripts, videos
NEW YORK — A Bahamian man who boasted after his arrest for hacking into celebrities’ email accounts that he will someday write a book to “shake up Hollywood” had the book thrown at him Tuesday by a federal judge who said five years in prison was the only way to keep him from harming victims....
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Officials: Passenger hit train’s emergency stop to get phone
SECAUCUS, N.J. — New Jersey Transit officials say a passenger pulled the emergency stop on a train so he could retrieve the cellphone he dropped on the tracks. Authorities say Eric Jones, of Harlem in New York City, was riding on a North Jersey Coast Line train when he accidentally dropped his ph...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
$1,000 reward for catching ugly fish from Wyoming reservoir
GREEN RIVER, Wyo. — A $1,000 reward has been posted for catching an ugly fish out of Fontenelle Reservoir in western Wyoming. The fish are called burbot and they’re not native to the upper Green River drainage. Burbot compete with native game species including trout. Burbot are eel-like but sa...
The Associated Press FULL STORY

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