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Exchange of ideas
‘Tis the season for the most challenging of annual holiday traditions, the company gift exchange. The practice is a careful dance in which participants must balance appropriateness with coolness, quirkiness with acceptable. You want to provide the gift that everybody wants and isn’t th...
By Michelle Durand Daily Journal Staff FULL STORY
OP-ED: Senate leader errs in scrapping oversight office
Kevin de Leon had better watch it. At least, somebody in the California Senate had better watch it. “It,” in this case, being the state government’s already-shaky reputation. De Leon’s commitment to ethics and public confidence has been in question literally since the moment he ascended to ...
Los Angeles Daily News FULL STORY
Letter: Power grab?
Editor, In the letter, “Governmental power grab,” in the Dec. 11, 2014, edition of the Daily Journal, Ethan Jones defends the right of billionaires, literally to buy up the California coastline and close it to average citizens. The California Coastal Act specifically refers to the coastline bec...
Letter: Santa Clara 49ers
Editor, Well, it’s nice to see the 49ers do have morals. But, it’s sad they seem to disappear and re-appear in correlation to the playoff picture. Ray McDonald gets “due process” and gets to keep playing as long as the team is still in the running for the playoffs; but once the team is out,...
Letter: A future is worth a lot more than a toy
Editor, What to get our kids for Christmas? How about a future rather than the latest Frozen doll or digital game? The word “future” probably brings to mind a good job and money, but what about a world with clean air and water, healthy food from land and sea and a chance for enough resources f...

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