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Celebrating junk food?
“We may believe that we make informed decisions about food choice, but we cannot do so if we are oblivious to the ways food companies influence our choices.” — Marion Nestle, “Food Politics.” It’s July 21, 8:45 a.m. and on the TV news I am informed that today is National Junk Food Day. ...
By Dorothy Dimitre FULL STORY
OP-ED: Invest in technology to manage water supplies
It’s no surprise that a large portion of venture capital goes toward the “cool” stuff. Stuff such as phone apps that help people improve the way they do social networking, order pizza or keep up with Hollywood celebrities. That’s fine, but it’s encouraging to read in Modern Farmer magazin...
Omaha (Nebraska) World-Herald FULL STORY
Letter: Prayers for peace
Editor, Samia Shoman’s recent letter to the editor (“The universal priceless value of blood”) in the July 23 edition of the Daily Journal decrying the violence in Gaza was at once courageous and compassionate. Moreover, Mrs. Shoman is to be truly respected for her plea to turn to the power of...
Letter: Operation Replace Jackie Speier
Editor, The article “Jackie Speier seeks answers to VA problems,” in the July 22 edition of the Daily Journal, was a pithy encapsulation of the problems facing too many of our veterans. So what is a veteran to do? Try to get relief from U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier? Question: What is worse, sufferi...
Letter: Serra graduate Pat Hennen: Famous but forgotten
Editor, I really enjoyed Sue Lempert’s column “Famous local high school graduates” in the July 28 edition of the Daily Journal. As a Serra High student, I remember seeing Lynn Swann and Tom McBreen in the halls. I kept reading down the column to find the name of another Serra sports success ...

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