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Daily Journal endorsements
California Proposition 1 (water bond) — YES California Proposition 2 (rainy-day fund) — YES California Proposition 45 (government insurance rate oversight) — NO California Proposition 46 (drug testing for doctors, raising cap for medical negligence lawsuits) — NO California Proposition 4...
OP-ED: Creating affordable housing opportunities in San Mateo County
Jurisdictions across San Mateo County are updating their local general plans and housing elements and renewing and/or proposing policies to meet their Regional Housing Needs Allocation, or RHNA. Per state law, these revised housing elements throughout San Mateo County must be adopted by Jan. 15, 201...
By Steve Blanton FULL STORY
Note to readers
The Daily Journal will be accepting election-related letters to the editor until 5 p.m. Friday. We will not consider printing any election-related letters received after this time....
Note to readers FULL STORY
Letter: Wall Street recidivism
Editor, Buoyed by the certainty that the Justice Department would never hold the titans of Wall Street accountable for their financial shenanigans, they are back engaging in the same dirty business. Just two years after conducting massive fraud, some of the world’s biggest banks are now suspecte...
Letter: Air travel security
Editor, On a recent trip to Mexico, our flight takeoff was delayed because two passengers forgot their passports. The plane could not leave until their luggage was taken from the plane. That made sense and no one complained. On the return trip we missed our connecting flight from Phoenix to San Jos...
Letter: Lead poisoning in South City children
Editor, At a recent event, Tom Carney, code enforcement officer for the city of South San Francisco, made the following statement: “South San Francisco has the highest rate of lead poisoning in children in San Mateo County.” Because of my concern for our children’s health and how it affects ...
Letter: Ad hominem attacks
Editor, Ah, me. I see Sue Lempert is using the old rhetorical tricks of the trade (“Pesky propositions” column in the Oct. 27 edition of the Daily Journal). If you can’t refute someone’s facts, attack the person. Ms. Lempert may not know that a “yes” vote is for razing and rebuilding Sk...

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Now that the Giants have won three World Series titles in five years, would you say they are a dynasty?

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I would think so
Maybe one more would make them a dynasty
I don't like the word dynasty
Madison Bumgarner is a dynasty!


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