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It’s not to be discounted
Blame it on the chlorine. Typically, I admit not being a frequent Kmart shopper. But two things propelled me into the San Mateo outlet last Friday after work — which on an unrelated note shows how exciting my weekend evenings have become. The first was the search for cheap chemicals to keep ...
By Michelle Durand Daily Journal Staff FULL STORY
Letter: Symphatize with the Israelis as well
Editor, Israel and the United States believe that every life is valuable, and every death is tragic. It is a terrible shame that Hamas glorifies death. In her letter in the July 23 edition of the Daily Journal, “The universal, priceless value of blood,” Samia Shoman has great sympathy for the ...
Letter: The other side of the coin
Editor, John McDowell in his final column neglected to mention some other wealthy politicians. Former Republican governor Schwarzenegger, while in office, had an estimated net worth of $200 million-$400 million; Republican representative Vernon Buchanan of Florida has an estimated net worth of $350...
Letter: Mr. McDowell
Editor, Whenever I read a column by Mr. McDowell lambasting Obama or some other Democrat, one word comes to mind: hypocrite. He claims that the older democrats need to be put out to pasture because they are out of touch with the average Californian. Boy, if that doesn’t describe the Republican p...
Letter: McDowell departure
Editor, Good riddance to Mr. McDowell, “Opportunities” column in the July 26 edition of the Daily Journal. What’s the point of having a total ideologue contribute an opinion? We got the gist some time ago: Democrats: Bad, Taxes: Bad, Public anything: Bad, Private anything: Good. Jim Elsw...
Letter: Pick the birthdays worthy of remembrance
Editor, I glanced at the “Birthdays” item in the July 21 edition of the Daily Journal. Each name is some entertainment person with most having to be explained as to what band or which movie/TV show. You must think we are pretty vapid, but some readers might aim a bit higher: Jean Pic...
Letter: Cutting water usage at CSM
Editor, There is no doubt the College of San Mateo president can make a much-needed statement of water conservation by letting the campus’ water-hogging lawns go brown. The irrigation water routinely runs over concrete sidewalks, and the winds blow the water fountains far beyond the pools. Such a...
Letter: Millbrae City Council
Editor, What in the world is the council thinking about? First of all, giving the Asian restaurant permission to build this huge restaurant on El Camino Real with no parking is ridiculous. Where were your thinking caps? Now you want to give our city manager a huge raise — a raise from $192,996 to...
Letter: Crossing guards needed for Millbrae
Editor, Crosswalks were painted and then a mobile electronic sign was placed at the intersection of La Cruz Avenue and El Camino Real to assist the patrons of the Tai Wu restaurant crossing El Camino Real. Then, flashing lights were installed to alert vehicle drivers of pedestrians using the cross...

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San Mateo County mosquito officials will once again fog in San Mateo Wednesday night after more mosq..
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About 20 people were evacuated in San Mateo this morning as crews sealed a small gas line break, a P..
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WASHINGTON — Democratic and Republican members of Congress scrambled Tuesday to seal a $225 millio..
Israel hits symbols of Hamas rule; scores killed
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel on Tuesday unleashed its heaviest bombardment in a 3-week-old war a..
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