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Hang glider, skier, runner, pilot
This is not a typical description of a school superintendent, but it represents the hidden talents of Dr. Cindy Simms who will be retiring as superintendent of the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District July 2. Simms will be retiring at age 65 after four years with the district and 43 year...
By Sue Lempert FULL STORY
Other Voices: Worthwhile effort to hobble ADA lawsuit abuse
State Sen. Richard Roth’s bill to encourage compliance with the American Disabilities Act, while enhancing protections for small-business owners, has passed early hurdles, a positive sign in a state wrought with often-abusive lawsuits. When President George H.W. Bush signed the ADA into law in 19...
Riverside Press-Enterprise FULL STORY
Letter: Permit parking in South San Francisco
Editor, Palo Alto is in final stage of its residential permit parking program to provide hundreds of commercial parking spaces in prime residential neighborhoods. Palo Alto is textbook example of what to do and not to do when public policy for development overpowers quality of residential neighborh...
Letter: Your right ends at my nose
Editor, You’ve recently printed readers’ letters espousing opinions on both sides of an anti-smoking ordinance in Foster City. I’m a non-smoker, in case that’s pertinent, and have always been confused by a major aspect of anti-smoking laws and their underlying rationale. I’m no expert on...
Letter: National Bike Week
Editor, We have National Bike Week May 11 through May 15. Where is National Car Pool or Ride Share Week? I believe that a National Car Pool Week would allow people to experience the joy of car pooling in a festive manner. Hopefully, after one week the number of people that carpool would increase d...
Letter: What’s wrong with Redwood City?
Editor, D.M. Goldstein from Foster City says almost everything that needs to be said about development at this time (May 26 letter, “No more new housing in Foster City”). The people of Foster City are saying enough is enough, why don’t the people that live in Redwood City see what developme...

Daily Journal Quick Poll
What do you think of the expiration of the law that had enabled the National Security Agency to collect and store Americans’ calling records?

It's good, I don't trust the NSA
It's bad, it was a useful tool to track terrorists
I see the point of having it, but didn't like the policy
Not sure
They will come up with something else to do it


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NEW YOR — Bruce Jenner's transition is complete. "Call me Caitlyn," declares a headline on the ..
Obama's trade agenda faces tough battle heading into House
WASHINGTON — After several near-death experiences in the Senate, the trade agenda that President B..
Solar Impulse plane lands in Japan to wait out bad weather
TOKYO — A solar-powered plane attempting to circle the globe without a drop of fuel made an unsche..
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