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Reality check
Twenty-five percent linen, 75 percent cotton — that is the material of which the U.S. dollar and other currencies around the world are composed. We know that money is nothing more than a symbol for an exchange. Its value is traded based on our society’s full faith that money is worth an equal am...
By Jonathan Madison FULL STORY
Letter: Amending the Constitution is not the answer
Editor, So we should change the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution to be more aligned with Europe and most of the rest of the world? This nation’s history springs from the opposite direction than that of Europe in that we are all very recent immigrants ourselves. “Legal” immigrant back...
Letter: North Central needs real change
Editor, When David Lim was running for City Council, I had a meeting with him and asked him: “ If I vote for you, what can you do for North Central?” His answer to me was: “I have worked to help improve communities like North Central.” To this day I have never seen him do anything to impr...
Letter: Could one youth’s trip lead to nationwide change?
Editor, I was glad to read about 16-year-old Kevin Huo’s experience exploring the glaciers and to know he is learning about the environmental problems caused by their melting (“Student’s journey a chilling experience” in the Aug. 18 edition of the Daily Journal). Kevin’s generation didn...
Letter: Caltrans' tree removal distresses rental community
Editor, The story “Burlingame bands together over tree fight” in the Aug. 19 issue of the Journal only epitomizes the dysfunction of our City Council, in which the members are more concerned with the uprooting of 15 trees than they are with the uprooting and displacement of their own town’s...
Letter: Take Trump seriously
Editor, Everyone seems to hate Donald Trump — it’s the thing to do. All of the Washington insiders are incensed because he doesn’t fit the mold. He is not a conservative — he has changed position on several issues. Like they haven’t? He is brash, resorting to personal attacks on his o...
Letter: What will happen Donald Trump is elected?
Editor, I read the column by Jonathan Madison (in the Aug. 18 edition of the Daily Journal) and it frightened me. The writer said that Donald Trump is “making a mockery not just of the GOP field, but more importantly, our entire political system.” If he is elected, what will the rest of the wor...
Letter: Some people do not know the law
Editor, When I write a letter to the editor, I always make sure I know what I am talking about and I know all the facts, whether from my own knowledge, experience, education or training. If that isn’t enough, I take the time to do necessary research before I start writing. That said, I find John ...

Daily Journal Quick Poll
What do you think of the recent White House decision to change the name of Alaska's Mt. McKinley to Denali?

It's good to go back to what most people in Alaska call it
Never thought about it
We should keep the name McKinley
It's OK, but would be nice to find a different way to honor McKinley
How about keeping both names?


California to end unlimited isolation for most gang leaders
SACRAMENTO — California on Tuesday agreed to end its unlimited isolation of imprisoned gang leader..
UNESCO chief: IS destruction of Syrian temple 'intolerable'
BEIRUT — Islamic State militants in Syria committed an "intolerable crime against civilization" by..
US stocks fall sharply on bleak Chinese manufacturing report
NEW YORK — Stocks plunged again Tuesday, continuing a rocky ride for Wall Street, after gloomy eco..
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