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Villeneuve, Deakins talk light and dark in ‘Sicario’
TORONTO — “The Prince of Darkness” was the nickname of cinematographer legend Gordon Willis, but Roger Deakins, too, has shown a kingly command of shadows. Recall the sleek Shanghai skyscraper scene of “Skyfall,” the desperate moonlit horse ride of “True Grit,” or the early dawn dog c...
By Jake Coyle The Associated Press FULL STORY
Another view of vegetarianism
I like to think that everyone’s life is made up of passing events and people, yet marked by a few constants — family, close friends, etc. For me, one of those constants is vegetarianism. I was born into a family of vegetarians, which was partially a religious matter, but mostly based on morals, ...
By Karan Nevatia FULL STORY
Davis Guggenheim transformed by making ‘Malala’ documentary
LOS ANGELES — Davis Guggenheim has made movies about world leaders (Barack Obama, Al Gore) and rock stars (U2, Jimmy Page, Jack White), but it’s his new film about a girl and her dad that affected him most. Of course, Malala Yousafzai is no ordinary girl. Guggenheim spent a year and a half with...
By Sandy Cohen The Associated Press FULL STORY
Susan's City Scene
MONSTRESS AT A.C.T.’S STRAND THEATER: LYSLEY TENORIO’S SHORT STORIES OF FILIPINO-AMERICAN LIFE IN THE BAY AREA INSPIRE ONE ACT PLAYS. Short stories by San Francisco author Lysley Tenorio provide the basis for Monstress, two one-act plays about Filipino-American life in the Bay Area. The headline...
By Susan Cohn Daily Journal Senior Correspondent FULL STORY
‘Mad Max’ takes a bumpy ride beyond apocalypse
There’s a reason Mad Max is so peevish. Ever since the original movie blasted out of Australia in 1979, designers of post-apocalyptic video games like “Fallout” and “Borderlands” have drawn inspiration from its bleak vision. But all we’ve seen of Max himself has been one crummy 1990 Nint...
By Lou Kesten The Associated Press FULL STORY
With ‘Mario Maker,’ Nintendo relinquishes control
LOS ANGELES — Nintendo is giving players the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom. After three decades of releasing “Super Mario” video games, the notoriously protective Japanese gaming giant is inviting players to create their own levels in the bouncy plumber’s homeland with the user-generated Wii...
By Derrik J. Lang The Associated Press FULL STORY
Moving performances bring an authenticity to ‘Freeheld’
Few actresses bring the simple authenticity to the screen that Julianne Moore does; it’s virtually impossible to imagine this actress sounding a false note. And so it’s hardly a surprise that she is deeply convincing — indeed, heartbreaking at times — in the real-life role of Laurel Hester, ...
By Jocelyn Noveck The Associated Press FULL STORY
Time of progress, dramatizing gay rights landmark
TORONTO — “Freeheld,” a gay-rights drama about the turning tide of social justice, was shaped by the same currents of change it depicts. In the course of making the true story about New Jersey police detective Laurel Hester’s fight for pension benefits for her domestic partner, Stacie Andre...
By Jake Coyle The Associated Press FULL STORY

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