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‘Bad Moms’ flirts with anarchy, comes up short
The comedy “Bad Moms” fancies itself a “Hangover” for the PTA set. And, while a wild send-up of modern parental perfection — that insidious idea that exists only in commercials and glossy magazines — is a worthy and fresh subject for a fun summer comedy, “Bad Moms” is ultimately rat...
By Lindsey Bahr The Associated Press FULL STORY
Abbott’s novel is fiercely gripping
Obsession can grow from the simplest of desires — to be good at something. That can easily morph into the need to be the best, the requirement to always be a winner, even if the sacrifices don’t balance out. The Knox family learns the destructive nature of obsession in Megan Abbott’s fiercely...
By Oline H. Cogdill The Associated Press FULL STORY
‘Nerve’ is a dark thriller for the Pokemon Go generation
LOS ANGELES — The invigorating new thriller “Nerve,” now playing in theaters, goes deep into the psychology of the internet with an addictive game that’s so fresh, you wonder whether the filmmakers had a tip that the Pokemon Go craze was on the horizon. In the film, based on the 2012 Jeanne...
By Lindsey Bahr The Associated Press FULL STORY
Susan's Travels, Tours + Trips
DELICIOUS RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: A FOODIE'S TOWN WITH AN ACTUAL FOOD STREET. In the late 1980s, the Canadian Pacific Coast city of Richmond, British Columbia, known to many as the location of Vancouver International Airport, welcomed a wave of new residents, mostly from Hong Kong, Taiw...
By Susan Cohn Daily Journal Senior Correspondent FULL STORY
In new artful documentary ‘Gleason,’ hero battles ALS
NEW YORK — Football star Steve Gleason was known for throwing caution to the wind. He’d launch himself down the field with seemingly no regard for his own well-being. Gleason cemented his place in New Orleans Saints lore with a blocked punt during the Louisiana Superdome’s reopening following...
By Mark Kennedy The Associated Press FULL STORY
Football star with ALS finds a new purpose
NEW YORK — In the opening moments of the documentary “Gleason,” the celebrated New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason talks to the camera with a not-yet-occupied crib behind him. He has just learned that he has ALS. Soon the symptoms will take over. Preparing for what’s coming, Gleason tell...
By Jake Coyle The Associated Press FULL STORY

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