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‘Nightcrawler’ shines the light on TV sleaze
Skewering the television news industry is fish-in-a-barrel easy. The amount of low-hanging satire fruit in the network studios and on the anchor’s desks is bountiful to say the least (sensationalism, ratings whoring, kindergarten level analysis, etc.), but “Nightcrawler” treats us to horrifyin...
By Jerry Lee Daily Journal staff FULL STORY
Gyllenhaal is on the prowl in ‘Nightcrawler’
TORONTO — Dan Gilroy, writer-director of the Los Angeles noir “Nightcrawler,” knew his star, Jake Gyllenhaal, had entered an adventurous new phase as an actor. But he still didn’t foresee the sudden emergence of a hair tie. “One day he goes, ‘Can I put my hair up in a bun?’” recalls...
By Jake Coyle The Associated Press FULL STORY
Jorge Garcia makes the most of ‘Hawaii Five-O’
LOS ANGELES — Since playing the lucky-unlucky lottery winner Hurley on “Lost,” Jorge Garcia’s career has moved along nicely from “Alcatraz” to “Hawaii Five-O” and upcoming big-screen movies. It’s logical that he might indulge himself in, say, a fast car or pricey wristwatch. But t...
By Lynn Elber The Associated Press FULL STORY
Taylor Swift gets a cheer as NYC Ambassador
NEW YORK — Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift! The locals are kvetching about you already. Swift’s new gig as New York City’s global welcome ambassador is getting a Bronx cheer (not that she knows what that is) from locals who questioned her street cred and mocked the videos she made for the c...
By Beth J. Harpaz The Associated Press FULL STORY

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