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A boy comes of age in powerful ‘Moonlight’
“Moonlight" is as wistful a film as its title might suggest. Director Barry Jenkins, in only his second feature, has created a singularly powerful and masterfully restrained work of art about a young man’s coming of age in South Florida told in three different stages — child, teenager and you...
By Lindsey Bahr The Associated Press FULL STORY
The three stars of ‘Moonlight’ share role and breakthrough
NEW YORK — The three Chirons of Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight’ are sitting around a table, examining each other’s eyes. Trevante Rhodes, 26, Ashton Sanders, 20, and Alex R. Hibbert 12, play the same character across three distant chapters in his life, growing up black, gay and confused with h...
By Jake Coyle The Associated Press FULL STORY
At one with the delay
This past weekend, my dad and I flew to the East Coast, where we spent a rather hectic and surprisingly short three days. While I love traveling, I have never been able to appreciate airplanes and flying in any manner, although I will concede that whoever managed to make flying across the world in a...
By Cindy Zhang FULL STORY
Toy companies break down barriers to be more inclusive
NEW YORK — Toy companies are working harder to think outside their usual box, offering more-inclusive items like dolls with disabilities, female superhero figures and characters with a range of skin tones. Many of the products breaking down the barriers started with smaller businesses, but big na...
By Anne d’Innocenzio The Associated Press FULL STORY
‘The Joneses’ is another studio comedy misfire
The modern studio comedy increasingly feels limp, suffocated by the financial imperatives of high-concept plots and desperately in search of signs of life. Greg Mottola’s “Keeping Up With the Joneses” is, like many before it, fine enough. But it mostly goes down as another collection of funny ...
By Jake Coyle The Associated Press FULL STORY
Hugh Laurie is back as a TV doctor in Hulu’s dark ‘Chance’
BEVERLY HILLS — Hugh Laurie warmly recalls “House” and the flawed physician he played as artful combinations of tragedy and comedy. Laurie is returning to TV as a medical man, this time a disillusioned forensic psychiatrist, in “Chance,” Hulu’s 10-episode series based on Kem Nunn’s cr...
By Lynn Elber The Associated Press FULL STORY
Museum gotta see ‘um
“POLITICS (NOT) AS USUAL” AT THE BRANNER SPANGENBERG GALLERY IN REDWOOD CITY. Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, a Socialist, a Libertarian, a Whig, an Anarcho-Syndicalist, a Decline-to-State or a None-of-the Above, we can all agree that this election season is the strangest show to come...
By Susan Cohn Daily Journal Senior Correspondent FULL STORY
Prosecutor: Man who stalked Kendall Jenner was methodical
LOS ANGELES — A man charged with stalking Kendall Jenner showed a single-minded focus in his efforts to meet the model and reality show star, even after he knew she was afraid of him, a prosecutor told jurors Thursday. Deputy City Attorney Alex Perez said during closing arguments at the trial tha...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
TV legend Carol Burnett signed to ABC sitcom project
NEW YORK — Carol Burnett fans: You’d be glad to have some more time together with this comedy legend, and she’s likely headed back to series TV in a project Amy Poehler will executive produce. Poehler publicist Lewis Kay and ABC have confirmed the project, a so-called “put pilot” deal for...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Donald Glover cast as Lando Calrissian in Han Solo film
LOS ANGELES — Donald Glover is joining the “Star Wars” universe. Disney announced Friday that the writer, actor and rapper will play Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo “Star Wars” film. Alden Ehrenreich was previously cast as the title character. Directors Phil Lord and Christoph...
The Associated Press FULL STORY
Dragon Theatre stages time-travel adventure, ‘On the Verge’
Dragon Theatre in Redwood City is staging “On the Verge (or The Geography of Yearning,” a travel and time-travel adventure by Eric Overmyer. It tells of three proper Victorian women travelers who set off into the unknown and wind up several decades into the future. There they confront such str...
‘A Few Good Men’ arrives at Hillbarn in Foster City
“A Few Good Men,” the Broadway hit that became a popular film in 1992, has come to the stage of Hillbarn Theatre. This legal drama by Aaron Sorkin concerns the court-martial of two Marines charged with murdering a fellow Marine at Guantanamo Bay. Their young Navy defense lawyer believes ther...
Nathan Lane saves ‘The Front Page’
NEW YORK — You want the story? You want to really know what’s up with “The Front Page” on Broadway? Well, pay attention, you lousy baboons. Here’s what you need to know: This sap of a play is older than yesterday’s news. But, I’ll level with you. This is the God’s honest truth: A fel...
By Mark Kennedy The Associated Press FULL STORY
Mandy Gonzalez steps into ‘dream role’ in ‘Hamilton’
NEW YORK — The night Mandy Gonzalez made her triumphant debut in “Hamilton” on Broadway, there was a special guest in the audience cheering her on: a Jedi Master, in fact. Mark Hamill came backstage afterward and took photos with the cast of the hit show. Gonzalez’s husband was there, too, ...
By Mark Kennedy The Associated Press FULL STORY

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