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Letter: Robotic vehicles
May 19, 2017, 05:00 AM Letter


Autonomous vehicles appear to be a sure thing on our highways within a few short years. The final difficulty the engineers and programmers are dealing with is the human/robot interaction.

The occasional bit of aggressive driving by others and even ourselves we all experience from time to time needs to be dealt with. Perhaps an amplified “Hey a–hole” announcement broadcast from the robot is one item under consideration. Also, they might think up a visual illuminated middle finger flipping device when an offending auto cuts off the robotic vehicle. Law enforcement might entice us with expense sharing with owners by installing video recorders to enable robotic ticketing software to zip out online tickets to speeders and weavers.

Who knows maybe you could cut your costs by leasing time on your robotic car to police agencies so that they could troll for expired plates and registration stickers. Hey, this is starting to sound too scary.

Mike Caggiano

San Mateo



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