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Letter: Foster City is water safe
May 19, 2017, 05:00 AM Letter


There is no safer water-oriented community anywhere than Foster City. First, to protect it from the ocean, its levees are seasoned and have proved themselves as effective. They have the capacity of being raised to any level (within reason) to protect the city from the rising ocean.

A tsunami hitting Foster City is extremely unlikely. Tsunamis, also called tidal waves, are usually caused by earthquakes, which send enormous shock waves across the ocean to strike a coast somewhere with devastating results. A tsunami hitting Northern California at the Golden Gate will be diminished by the golden gateway and will be totally diminished by the time it reached the South Bay. A tsunami inside the Bay is believed to be very unlikely because there are no faults under the Bay.

There are no rivers or streams of any kind passing through Foster City. Authorities are worried about the flooding of California rivers if the massive snow in the Sierras melts too fast. While many rivers have levees, their adequacy could be limited. The cause of the recent flood in San Jose was the flooding of a stream. I wonder how many victims of that flood had flood insurance and what was FEMA’s role there.

As for the heavy rain falling in Foster City, the holding capacity of the lagoon and the pumping capacity appears adequate to get rid of the water. If there is question, the pumping capacity can be increased. Foster City’s advantage is that it has a place to put the water — it has the Bay right next to it.

T. Jack Foster Jr.

Foster City



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