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Letter: Protecting all residents
September 23, 2016, 05:00 AM Letter


The biggest misconception in just cause eviction laws is that it will supposedly serve to protect families from being displaced. This is not the truth. Just cause eviction laws protect criminals and make it very difficult to remove a tenant committing crimes in the neighborhood.

Eviction prevention laws sound reasonable at first, but they are a nightmare in reality. Imagine having a neighbor turn violent. Normally a tenant would go to the landlord to report the disruption. The landlord has the obligation to protect the safety and comfort of all residents in the building, so he/she takes action against the violent tenant. This is how disputes should be resolved and it should be done quickly.

Unfortunately, with Measures Q and R, the landlord’s ability to protect residents in the building will be severely limited. Why? Because Q and R will require the landlord to first serve a written warning to the aggressor before initiating any eviction — even after a criminal activity. This is not fair to the residents in the building who will live in fear knowing that a violent neighbor will remain in close quarters with everyone else.

As a renter, I expect my landlord to fulfill his duty to protect my family and immediately remove threats from our community. The safety of all residents should be priority number one.

Measures Q and R don’t protect families. They protect criminals, reward bad behavior and risk the safety of all renters in the building. 

Michelle Velez




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