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Letter: No on Measure Q tells big lies
September 23, 2016, 05:00 AM Letter


The No on Measure Q campaign in San Mateo is running blatantly dishonest ads on social media, claiming “outsiders” are pushing the issues of rent stabilization and tenant protections.

I am not an outsider. I am a San Mateo renter who lives in the Sunnybrae neighborhood. Alongside other San Mateo residents, I collected signatures for this ballot measure, which thousands of San Mateo residents signed enthusiastically. I also am the president of a local Democratic club, which endorsed a yes vote on Measure Q (as did the local Democratic Party). We made this endorsement for many reasons, including the growing trend of some Realtors marketing apartment buildings to buyers as high-return investment opportunities. In the material for prospective buyers, these Realtors encourage jacking up rents by 50 percent or more in properties currently set at below market rates. Their actions have led to mass evictions from apartment buildings on the Peninsula.

Ironically, many of these buyers and Realtors are outsiders — nonresidents of San Mateo who only view our city as an ATM. The Realtors get big commissions, the new apartment owners get to price gouge and what do we get? We get to see families and communities — our neighbors — destroyed, evicted and displaced.

The No on Measure Q effort is rooted in dishonesty and misinformation. This lie is one of many they’re already peddling, and it’s only September. I hope my fellow residents will disregard these lies and vote Yes on Measure Q to protect renters from the aforementioned predatory practices.

Noveed Safipour

San Mateo

The letter writer is

the president of the

Peninsula Young Democrats.



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