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Letter: Rent stabilization and overcrowding
March 23, 2015, 05:00 AM


After reading about rent increases for some tenants, I realized that we have to also deal with overcrowding in North Central San Mateo. I have found that no one wants to discuss or write anything about this issue. According to City-Data, in 2013, the population in North Central was 12,873 which was doubled compared to other San Mateo communities. As of 2015, the North Central population has grown to 16,130 and is still growing.

Eight new townhouses on the 700 block of Second Avenue are being built now. I have just heard that around the corner on Fremont Street might be more new housing. I have talked to tenants who have told me that some landlords do not make any improvements and the tenants will pay for the cost themselves. In fact they are told that if you want improvements, your rent will increase. At the cost they pay for housing, they deserve to live in a clean and healthy environment.

In 2006, I talked to a landlord who told me that his water bill had doubled from the previous year and I imagine it’s tripled by now. He also told me that it’s very difficult to control the overcrowding. I think it’s time for our city officials to start working on improving this community and start making new regulations and to use what codes we already have. I guess San Mateo is not in a drought like the rest of California. We still have many issues with illegal dumping and dump trucks parked on residential streets. North Central deserves a better quality of life.

Linda Medrano

San Mateo



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