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Editorial: Mattusch for Harbor District two-year seat
October 09, 2014, 05:00 AM Editorial

The San Mateo County Harbor District is in a state of change with the longtime general manager retiring and renewed calls for its dissolution by the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury.

There has been some ill will among board members as of late and it is difficult to pinpoint the cause, though the theories are many.

Will Holsinger, the appointed incumbent of the one two-year seat in this election, has a good handle of the intricacies of the district and his point of view on its direction is valid and reasonable. He can, however, be somewhat strident when it comes to both the civil grand jury report and opposing points of view. When asked the source of discontent, he points squarely at the commissioner who he lost to in 2012 when he was seeking voter approval of his initial appointment after Sally Campbell died in office. Since reappointed to fill the seat of another late commissioner, Leo Padreddii, he has been a suitable placeholder who has proven to be up to speed on district issues both great and small, present and future. Holsinger emphasizes fairness in decision-making and wants to ensure the water quality of the Pillar Point Harbor is both good for people and also marine life.

However, Tom Mattusch also has a strong sense of the district’s inner workings and similar ideas for both the present and future. He also represents a stakeholder group, fishermen, who desperately need a seat at the table. The district is also desperately seeking a direction, and can only move forward positively if each and every group feels represented. Regardless of the personality politics, there should always be a balance on a board with representation from key constituencies and an emphasis on working together. Mattusch, the owner of the Huli Cat, a sport fishing charter boat, has been at the Pillar Point Harbor for 20 years and knows first hand the needs of others both in the industry and those they serve. He also knows the requirement of focus. Both hands need to be on the steering wheel during a storm and he will bring that needed perspective to the board. At times, the district has gotten ahead of itself with plans and studies over the horizon without seeing the need to focus on the task at hand. Mattusch promises to bring a new perspective to the board forged with years in the industry and the need to get things done well and quickly.

Robert Grant also has good ideas for the district and points out the need for everyone to work with each other rather than get trenched in their own ideology. A good point for sure, and we encourage him to stay involved.

Mattusch could be seen as an opposition candidate because of his qualms with the district and its Board of Commissioners, he also has a practical sense of its purpose and the good it can do in the right hands.

The district is experiencing a sea change, and it just makes sense to have someone with experience in a key industry and as a businessman who must adapt to ever-changing situations both on land and at sea. Mattusch is the best bet for this seat on the Harbor District Board of Commissioners.



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