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Why did people vote for Yee?
June 06, 2014, 05:00 AM By Jon Mays Daily Journal

In San Mateo County, 5,851 people voted for Leland Yee for secretary of state. In California, 287,622 people voted for Leland Yee for secretary of state. He received so many votes that he was the third highest vote-getter in both the county and the state for this particular office.

I feel bad for the candidates who received fewer votes than Yee, considering they took the campaign seriously and actually had platforms and ideas. To think that a state senator who was criminally indicted with someone named Shrimp Boy amid allegations of trying to set up a gun-running deal with suspected terrorists received more votes than five candidates is a bit alarming.

So what exactly would cause someone to vote for Yee after these allegations, and especially after he dropped out of the race after these allegations? Stupidity? Ignorance? A bit of both? Deviousness? They like him anyway?

It actually makes me angry. With 70,000 votes cast in San Mateo County (a mere 20 percent of registered voters), that means that nearly 6,000 people — or just under 10 percent — voted for someone facing pretty serious criminal charges and who dropped out of the race (Yee remained on the ballot even though he had dropped out because he dropped out after the printing deadline for the ballots). Did they miss the two weeks of straight coverage on every Bay Area news outlet? Did they do any research at all?

If you voted for Leland Yee, please drop me a note to tell me why. I just don’t get it.


And now we pivot to something a little more fun. After a few months focused on an election that many didn’t seem to care about, it’s time for a new summertime tradition. The San Mateo County Fair, which once telegraphed the end of summer, now instead does the same for the beginning.

The fair used to be in August, but switched a few years ago to the beginning of June. Now I know Memorial Day is the official summer kickoff, but it seems to now begin in earnest with the county fair, which begins Saturday.

This year will be like the last, although fair promoters always try to keep up with the times with high-tech features and all that. But there is nothing wrong with it being like the year before, or the year before that.

It seems to always have its mainstays. Really big corn dogs, enormous bricks of French fries, large barbecued turkey legs along with award-winning jams, cookies, bread, animals, art, flowers and pretty much whatever else you can think of. And don’t forget pig racing. Or the fair bands, though I prefer the local bands. And the games and rides. And the 4-H animals. Big cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens live and right there. And and and and and. You get the idea. It’s fun.

And it’s kind of a social equalizer. Where else can you mix it up with the people of your county in a fun and open way? It’s time for the fair.


The Redwood City Elementary School District just finalized a raise for its teachers after saying for months that there wasn’t money for it. The raise amounts to a total of 3.5 percent for teachers who haven’t seen a pay hike since the 2007-08 school year. Teachers, like the rest of us, deserve regular raises just to keep close to the ever-rising cost of living, particularly in these parts.

The timing of the deal is interesting, however. It comes on the heels of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement he would give $120 million to local schools and pointed out the district would be one of the first recipients.

Jon Mays is the editor in chief of the Daily Journal. He can be reached at Follow Jon on Twitter @jonmays.



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