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Letter: Commissioner Brennan takes fishermen’s side
February 14, 2014, 05:00 AM Letter


Having commercially fished for 55 years and being the oldest active fisherman in Half Moon Bay, I must stick up for Harbor Commissioner Brennan. I also lease one of the unloading stations at the end of the pier. After being hit by a 10-fold increase in rent over the competing ports of San Francisco and Moss Landing, I found I had to attend the San Mateo County Harbor District meetings.

My first meeting, I couldn’t believe the total disrespect the other members and harbor manager showed Brennan. She would ask pertinent questions to educate herself and the audience. Most of the other commersioners seem upset that she would ask questions and not just vote with the rest of them. She’s the only fresh breath I’ve seen in the harbor for 20 years — a public servant who cares about the public. While some commissioners are padding their retirement with benefits, she chooses not to. She’s the only commissioner I’ve seen in a row boat inspecting the underside of the dock to see any problems for herself.  She questions why the harbor needs expensive, luxurious offices when a smaller office would work just fine.

The final kicker is that the harbor wants a percentage of all fish caught by fisherman at Pillar Point Harbor. I’m in charge of adding a missing fisherman’s name on the plaque at the harbor. The Harbor District is running a marina. I feel they shouldn’t get a percentage of the men’s and women’s livelihood who untie their boats with no guarantee they will return home.

Commissioner Brennan has taken the fishermen’s side and I personally give her all my support.

Mike McHenry

San Mateo



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