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Speeding causes Redwood City residents to question police presence on Farm Hill Boulevard
May 21, 2014, 05:00 AM By Samantha Weigel Daily

Some Redwood City residents feel major car crashes on Farm Hill Boulevard are threatening the public’s safety and want the police to step up their enforcement against drivers who speed on the steep residential road.

Two 19-year-olds were speeding in a Mercedes crashed on the 3500 block of Farm Hill Boulevard around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, May 14, said Redwood City Police Lt. Sean Hart. Both were transported to the hospital with serious injuries after running into a tree, Hart said.

But Joshua Vaughn and another resident who wished to remain anonymous, said this isn’t the first time a major car crash has occurred at this particular location and just two days later on May 16, someone clipped a parked car and fled the scene.

“That whole area has been accident prone and I and the neighbors have been fed up. There needs to be speed bumps or something,” the resident said.

When exiting off of Interstate 280 onto Farm Hill Boulevard, there’s a steep incline, a blind curb, no speed bumps and not nearly enough police presence, the resident said.

Vaughn said he lives in the apartment in front of where the accident occurred and that about three months earlier another young driver crashed into the same tree. Vaughn also said he thought he heard a second car speed off and after helping the young driver out of the car, police later found out he didn’t have insurance. Vaughn said his landlord has since had to cover expenses incurred due to the accident.

The resident said she too has seen and heard cars speeding down the hill and ended up footing the bill for someone else’s illegal driving.

She lives on the 3500 block of Farm Hill Boulevard and said her car was totaled in 2007 when someone crashed into her car and fled.

“My car was a hit-and-run, the other car with the mirror was a hit-and-run and that other car that smashed into the tree, I guess that was just stupidity,” the resident said.

Vaughn said he no longer feels comfortable parking on the street and with a church and park nearby, there are too many pedestrians for drivers to be racing down the street.

Vaughn and the resident question whether the drivers who are causing the accidents are racing. But Hart said people typically illegally race on flat roads and that Farm Hill Boulevard’s incline makes it less likely.

In the past, police have seen cars race on Cañada Road and Seaport Boulevard and the department does respond to public concerns, Hart said.

“Our traffic unit works that part of Farm Hill frequently and we usually base those on complaints,” Hart said.

Vaughn and the resident said they haven’t seen any police patrolling the area and with children around, it’s unacceptable for there not to be.

“I saw the aftermath and debris that was in a neighbor’s yard and it flew about 30 feet. And there’s kids and it’s really dangerous,” the resident said. “The skid marks, all the paint on the street, the tree’s pretty much destroyed. There’s a gas line there, if the car hit that, the whole place could have exploded.”

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