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Keeping up the festive pace
December 27, 2013, 05:00 AM By Samantha Weigel Daily Journal

Samantha Weigel/Daily Journal
Maggie Berkshire and her sons Sean and Ryan spent the day after Christmas grocery shopping for a third holiday gathering.

Bonnie Daugherty capitalized on post-Christmas decoration sales in anticipation of next year’s season.

The flurry of holiday planning, shopping, cooking and gatherings can seem like a blur as people wind down the day after Christmas. However, many in San Mateo County are keeping with the festive pace while anticipating visits from extended family, cashing in on post-holiday sales or envisioning New Year’s Eve celebrations on the horizon.

Maggie Berkshire and her two sons are having an elongated Christmas by celebrating with three different groups of family members. She took 5-year-old Sean and 10-year-old Ryan grocery shopping at the San Mateo Trader Joe’s in preparation for her in-laws arrival yesterday.

It’s important to mix up the menu when endeavoring numerous holiday meals, Berkshire said.

Thus far, they’ve had salmon and steak and her in-laws will be arriving to a pork tenderloin holiday spread. Every year she brings out her grandmother’s china for the holiday occasions, Berkshire said. Although she thoroughly enjoys celebrating with family, cleaning is an inherent part of playing host, Berkshire said.

“Each time I have to put the house back together, then pull out the china again. It’s kind of stressful. But once things are pulled together, then I can relax and have fun,” Berkshire said.

As long as guests see the house spic and span when they first arrive, she doesn’t mind the leftover wrapping paper from the boys’ subsequent rounds of presents.

With the influx of gifts, including Sean’s beloved new life-size Darth Vadar doll, the holidays necessitate some early spring cleaning, Berkshire said. They’ve already gone through Ryan’s closet and will be donating clothes to a local charity, Berkshire said.

The boys are still cherishing their new toys and focusing on enjoying time off school.

“I’m trying to forget about school for as long as possible,” Ryan said.

She’s happy the whole family was able to take a break for the holidays and is looking forward to an overdue out of town excursion on a short trip to Reno, Berkshire said.

Stretching out the holidays or beginning to think ahead to next year’s festivities also brought savvy shoppers to the mall Thursday to indulge in post-Christmas sales.

Bonnie Daugherty delighted in decorating her Christmas tree, even if it took her two weeks to put it together. She learned to love this pastime from her mom and this year was special as it was the first time she was able to share it with her daughter, Daugherty said.

They have three Christmas trees, including a large traditional large one and a Disney Barbie-themed tree. Her daughter turned 5 a few days earlier and she was finally at the age where she could truly enjoy decorating her very own miniature Hello Kitty Christmas tree, Daugherty said.

She braved the chaos of the post-holiday shopping sales and headed to the Macy’s holiday store at the Hillsdale Shopping Center yesterday to pick up decorations for next year.

She worked in retail and said she used to think people were crazy for flocking to the mall to take advantage of last-minute sales; but this year she couldn’t resist going to pick out several ornaments for next year.

She headed to San Francisco with a friend and their daughters to watch “The Nutcracker,” marvel at the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and attend a sugar plum fairy tea party, Daugherty said.

She already bought two pricey, yet gorgeous, ballet-themed ornaments in the city so if she wants to continue to add to her collection, she’ll get a head start by capitalizing on current sales, Daugherty said.

“I’ve already done my damage,” Daugherty said. “Now I can come here and get these for cheap. But it’s got to sparkle.”

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