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Procrastinators unite! Well how about tomorrow?
December 07, 2013, 05:00 AM By Janani Kumar

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love you. Tomorrow. You’re always a day away.”

That catchy line from “Annie” is basically the mantra for all procrastinators.

Oh, the temptation for students to watch just one more episode of The Mindy Project or Supernatural before starting to study for finals.

Or the ease with which our families put off holiday shopping in an attempt to avoid those horrendous lines and overpriced goods. All because “there’s always tomorrow.”

Well, I can tell you that, as a student, with final exams approaching with a frightening speed and stressing over those grades hanging at the hinges, the last thing on my head is studying.

The tendency for us is to just bury our heads in the sand and sink into a deep state of denial, as if to say “ha ha, what exams?”

But, in general, especially during the holiday season, everyone ends up slacking off a little.

After all, the year has almost ended, so shouldn’t our stress as well?

And plus, there is also the seasonal stress of knowing you have to study for multiple exams and while trying to figure out gifts for your long-lost relatives who you see, what, twice a year?

OK, so turns out, there is a way to alleviate this crazy stress. And no, it is not avoiding cracking open those textbooks, or just spending days on end watching ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas (But I must confess that even the Nth time watching “The Polar Express” or “Elf” carries a certain element of charm).

No. I am talking about actually being productive in a less migraine conducive way.

So what works for me is making a checklist and designating times for each activity.

I know, sounds so cliche. But I really can’t complain because it actually works like a charm?

Anyway, last week, I found myself completely drowned in a mound of assignments, both school and extracurricular related.

Under normal circumstances, I would just waste my limited time, watching movies or getting sucked into the endless time warp, looking at funny memes on Facebook.

However, making said list with time restrictions made me work quickly and efficiently, often finishing each task a little before the assigned time.

And that would give me and, I would imagine, most others a great feeling of accomplishment.

I know; this does not even compare to the carefree days of vacation, but it’s the next best thing.

But if you are a senior in high school, like me, you just have a few more weeks left before you can just enjoy your vacation and reap the benefits of having finished your college apps.

I am definitely looking forward to not having to meet app deadlines for the entire spring semester.

And trust me; I know all the holiday movies portray the season as quiet and peaceful and just warm and fuzzy all over.

And it is crushing to realize that reality is far from optimal, but just remember you are not alone.

So let’s all be smart this holiday season. Let’s stop the procrastinating, get to writing our to-do lists, check off the “done” items and sigh in satisfaction as we finish our last days of work.

Trust me. It will all be so worth it.

So it’s settled then. We will all make our to-do lists and finish off the tasks one by one.

Let’s do this ... tomorrow.

Janani Kumar is a senior at Burlingame High School. Student News appears in the weekend edition. You can email Student News at



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