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Life lessons
July 20, 2013, 05:00 AM By Carly Bertolozzi

I am a month away from leaving for college, on the brink of a major step toward the future, and yet I can’t help but think of my past.

A friend I have had the pleasure of knowing since sixth grade recently visited Belmont, as he had moved to New Jersey after freshman year and had not seen his childhood friends in years. I spent an entire day with him, sitting under a willow tree, reminiscing about old memories and thinking about the good times we have had together. It’s amazing to think back and remember the tiny freshman I once was and now look at the person I am today. While I’m still the same person, and many in the same situation would say that they have changed significantly, I prefer to look at it as I have learned more about myself through experience and it is that knowledge that has changed the way I conduct myself.

As you’d expect, there have been many experiences and events that have occurred in my life, shaping and molding who I am today; one of the most influential was entering my position here at the Daily Journal. The day I had my interview to become an intern, I was scared out of my mind. It would be the first experience I would have being interviewed and I had little time to prepare as I had only found out it would be taking place earlier that morning. I sat in the waiting area where the receptionist sitting at the front desk gave me an ounce of courage. She told me that she had once been an intern, doing the same duties I was currently applying for, it was one of the best experiences she had undergone, and now it was my turn. I left the office praying that I had done well enough, and when I received Jon Mays’ phone call a few days later, I couldn’t help but feel accomplished.

A year later, I earned a spot as a columnist after polishing my skills writing columns for my school newspaper the year before. I’ve written about local tragedies, student support groups and even art in education at the Daily Journal, giving my opinion on all topics. What I did not expect was a reader giving an opinion of his own that would help me make a very big decision — where to go to college. He told me you can tell an intelligent person by the things they say and a wise person by the questions they ask. School is about learning when to say and when to ask and the university that encourages me to do so will be the proper choice for me, and I agreed with him. Through expressing my thoughts and concerns about attending different universities, I learned you can learn countless lessons from other people if you put yourself out there first.

Every Wednesday for the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by the amazing editorial staff. They are funny, intelligent and Jeopardy whizzes. Conversations in the office never fail to amuse me, whether it’s the discussion of an odd story that finds its way to someone’s desk or the Christmas sweater with which interns jokingly get threatened. They keep every day upbeat and entertaining while producing an applause-worthy newspaper as they go, and my Wednesday trips to San Mateo will be missed.

I have grown quite a bit from my experiences with the Daily Journal and have learned lessons both silly and serious. The receptionist I encountered on my first day was correct, interning at the Daily Journal, for those who are lucky enough to experience it, will be one of the most rewarding experiences to have encountered. So, to all of the readers who have simply taken the time to listen to our thoughts and opinions, thank you for your support. It is truly appreciated.

Carly Bertolozzi is a recent graduate at Carlmont High School. Student News appears in the weekend edition. You can email Student News at



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